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sillygits tip for the week - double check your parking!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sillygit, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. I was out for a ride with a few mates on Saturday. A few of us for were a fair way in front, so we pulled over to wait for the others. I put down my side stand and jumped off my bike and as I was walking over to have a chat I hear a loud clunk!

    I turn around to see my beautiful baby laying on her side! Thanks to the oggy knobs there wasn't much damage, just a bent brake lever and a dent in my shiny staintune (oh noes!).

    Anyway, the moral of the story is to double check your bike is 100% stable before walking away! I know it seems obvious but I had put the side stand down on some wet bark on a very slight down-hill slant :(

    Hopefully this saves someone else from the same mistake...

    EDIT: updated the subject...
  2. Let me see. you put the stand down on wet bark, on a downhill slope and all that was wrong is you didn't check the sidestand? So gravity and soft ground had no effect?

    If the bike is facing downhill then you should leave it in gear. Secondly, always make sure the sidestand is on a solid surface. Pretty simple.
  3. easy to be wise after the event, sav, we can all do that
  4. True.

    I was simply pointing out that it wasn't just down to having checked if the bike was stable. It may have been stable when he walked away from it. Where and how you park is important. Placing the stand on loose ground of any sort is inviting trouble. Whether that be mud, grass, sand, gravel or bark. The weight of the bike will sink into the ground. Having parked on a slope would have only helped this to happen as gravity takes effect and the bike rolls forward.
  5. true, true, true, true and true

    And having had the very same thing happen to me, I always check twice when I park

    <sigh> life was a lot simpler when all bikes had centre-stands :LOL:.
  6. ...and if your bike is facing uphill then leave it in reverse :)

    And don't sit on your bike when you've got the sidestand down. It doesn't look cool and the stand's not made for it.
  7. Your advice is sound, if a little poorly worded. The side stand slid on the wet bark (which as you so rightly pointed out was thanks to gravity), I assume this caused the front wheel to turn which caused the bike to fall on the opposite side to the stand. I believe had it not been wet my parking would have been fine. The point of the post was to hopefully allow other newer riders to learn from my mistake (but I'm also happy you had an opportunity to show your superiority)...
  8. In your post you ony stated to check that your bike was stable. This doesn't help people to not make your mistake. Vehicles have been known to roll away when the driver has left them unattended. They also were 'stable'. There was multiple factors involved in why your bike fell over. Had you left it in gear and not put the stand on wet bark it may have still fallen over.

    I find it strange that your bike fell to the opposite side to the stand.
    How did it fall to the opposite side to the stand?

    I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy.
  9. I always check my side stand. It's just a glance and a mental note as I am about to swing my leg over to get off. But then, I generally double-check things like that, whether it is motorcycle related or installing a bunch of cisco switches in a stack and checking a bunch of things before I connect it to the network.
  10. This thread gave me a headache.
  11. stable: Relatively unchanging, permanent; firmly fixed or established, not easily to be moved, changed, unbalanced, destroyed or altered in value.
  12. yeah, it's not one you want to subscribe to :LOL:
  13. Don't be silly we all know bikes don't have reverse. What you need to do is to twist your chain to make it into a figure-eight so the forward gears will stop it rolling backwards :).
  14. Or just put your rear wheel on backwards. Same effect.
  15. an added tip ...
    I carry a coffee jar lid in my tailbag. It's useful if you have no choice but to park the bike on soft ground. Just place it upside-down under the side stand. :wink:
  16. Hey now come on, I was being serious. I merely wanted to point out the benefits of retro-fitting a reverse gear http://www.eglidegoodies.com./id71.html.
  17. I think it'd be cheaper to let it fall over :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Nah, alright, I'll give you that one :grin:
  18. My old RF900R had a "glove box" and I carried a plastic bung from a mailling tube. Thankfully the Bandit has a center stand as well :)
  19. Hi guys,

    What happens if you DO happen to have to park your bike on gravel/ soft surface? (E.g. off the Putty Rd at nearby gravelly/sandy side of road).

    What’s the best thing to do then – how do you pick the “right†spot to park? I always park my bike in gear, never in neutral, so maybe that helps… I also tend to dust away some of the gravel with my left boot where I know the stand is going to be until I reach a more even surface. But even then I’m not confident that the bike won’t go down.

    Any good methods to make sure she stays up?

  20. I use an old BBQ Plate when I don't ride the bike into the backyard and definitely don't wash it using a hose... but come to think of it, a plastic Postpac lid does seem a bit more transportable...