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Silly used bike market. [/Rant]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Iondah, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Silly used bike market. I know this has probably been said before but I feel like a rant.

    I'm in the market for an upgrade at the moment and struggling to work out what is good value.

    I know, I know. I should just get a bike I like and stuff considerations of value, but that's the kind of person I am.

    Anyway, my rant is about the used bike market in Victoria and how dealers keep prices atrificially inflated.

    The other day I was in an certain dealer in Elizabeth St, checking out a Triumph Sprint RS which is my current bike of choice. The price on the docket was $10,000. This is a 2000 model with 16,000km on the clock. I asked the guy how long the bike had been sitting there (considering the Ks) and he said "since 2004 so that means that's a 4 year old price". Right, so how much is it actually? $9500 on road. With a discount rate of 4% it should be $8500 which I think would be a decent price but dealers don't depreciate their stock. :(

    Now, I guess that's OK for an initial offer but considering I can get a brand new SV650S or an ER6F for less (and less insurance) or a 2005 Bandit with similar Ks for $8000 it starts to sound like very poor value.

    Looking at other bikes and the story is the same, dealers jacking up the price but simply not discounting their stock as it ages - since it's not on the road I guess. Still, this means that used bikes become worse value every year they age which really sucks for buyers in the 2nd hand market.

    So what about private sale? Well as a result of the prices of similar bikes at dealers being so inflated, private sellers can also keep their prices high and still beat dealers.

    It altogether sucks, especially for a hard-to-find bike like the RS. [/Rant]

    Thanks for listening. :grin:
  2. A bike is only worth what someone will pay for it thats why its been sitting there for four years same goes for private sales.
  3. Keep in mind this time of year isn't a good time to be buying. Best time to buy is in cold winter months.. esp in canberra :)
  4. Not a problem :)
  5. Until the bike in stock becomes a liability for them, they will keep the price static. It depends also how desperate they are to shift the unit.

    I have seen another bike I like 2nd hand. It has been $13999 for two years! :roll:

    I keep making them offers around the $11500 mark, but no bite. It now has almost an inch of dust!
  6. I recently closed a deal on a new, well last of the 06/7 stock anyway, VTR1000. I was looking to buy one second hand and note an 03 model on the floor, $1000 less than what i paid new. Doesn't quite make sense...................