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Silly Questions "is that like an r1?"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. I got a funny set of questions at work today

    Kid (K): do you ride a bike??!!
    eswen (e): yep
    K: what bike do you ride?
    e: a little 250
    k: no i mean what type?
    e: kawsakia gpx
    k: is that like an r1?
    e: uh.... no. its just a baby
    k: oh like a baby r1?
    e: um no. they are very different.
    k: have you ever ridden an r1?
    e: no but ive ridden an r6...
    k: is that like an r1?
    e: its a little smaller
    k: so its like an r1 for a girl, small so girls can ride them?
    e: ... uh... back to class

    other kid: oh wow can you pop monos!?
    e: yep I can hold one from here to sydney at 300kmph+ so the cops dont see my plates and then I do stoppies when old ladies run out in front of me in residental areas.

    had any funny questions lately???

  2. someone knows about bikes at your school i see!!!
  3. my cousin has an R1? :LOL:

    (actually he had a speed triple and an rs250 but thats beside the point)
  4. a friend told me in an email today that a mutual friend bought an R1 or R2 last week
  5. that is so funny being asked those q# from a little kid-- at work people dont even know what an R1 is -- theyjust say "oh you ride a bike. is it a ducati?" :? :? :? :LOL:
  6. when i was little I never got the whole cc thing... r6? that must be worse than a 250 cos it has less numbers. a ducati? what number is that? :LOL:
  7. I had some kid the other day ask if my Hyosung GT250R was a harley!!

    I was just like "ahh no sorry, its not." Just just looks disapointed and walked away.

    I just looked shocked and appaled!
  8. I am now at the point when someone asks me what i ride i say a big red one.

    I used to say Honda VFR, and people would look at me weird. Then i said honda, and people would say which one and i would say vfr, then they would look at me weird.

    But before i started looking at bikes i didn't know the difference between mine and CBR besides the badge. :?
  9. yeah kids ask that all the time... sports bikes anything is a harley :LOL: silly buggas.
  10. You should see the faces of :shock: I get when I open my trunk/hand bag :rofl:
  11. People ask me what sort of bike I've got and I say ZXR250, then they go 'huh'? :roll:
    People that know about bikes usually lose interest when they find out its a 250 :(

    My girlfriends friends love it though :)
  12. The other night i went to local takeaway shop on the z1000, there's a guy sitting there at the window, he can see me and the bike easily.
    I've walked in and he asks me what type of bike I ride, I said it's a z1000, he says, ah that's a type of harley isn't it? :shock:

    The R1/r6/250 thing reminds me of a woman I know, she tried to tell my ex that her hyundai was twice as good and fast as his falcon because her car had 2 camshafts and his only had 1.
  13. eswen = the movie... = heart break kid movie..
    i love you pepa...
  14. I was at the opening of a contemporary Indigenous art exhibition this week and noticed the attention of one of the attractive young lady curators. As I was filling the application for their mailing list, I was rather stunned when she asked whether I rode a Ducati.
    Err, yes.
    Then she pointed out that I was using my Ducati pen. Oh yes.
    Funnily enough she proffered that her dream was to ride a black Ducati. (Slightly out of the usual.)
    Where was she a couple of weeks prior ? :!: :LOL:

    Actually, I may frequent that gallery again. :wink:
  15. One of the kids in my class told me I needed new tyres because it didn't have the "knobbly Bits" like her bike has. She also said her bike was much cooler because hers was red.
  16. Sorry but I have to agree with her on that score!
  17. give her a knobby of your own... :LOL: :LOL:
  18. If you don't, let me know where it is and can I borrow your bike? :oops:
  19. I had a guy cross the street to ask me about my bike, he told me he was getting one the same but it was last years model.
    Kind of threw me because my bike is from the 80's.
    Maybe he's thinks he's living in the 80's?
  20. I'll keep that in mind.
    I noticed that the audience was 70% ladies.
    Don't forget the magical "open sesame" words; "the substantiality of space". :)