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Silly Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Which side of the bike are kick starts normally on. RHS i think from memory.

    looking at older bikes as a possibility for a first one and as most older bikes only have kick start kinda need to know..... if its LHS i'm outa luck and have to stick with Electric start.

  2. Left hand kick starters are usually fitted to euro enduro an m/cross bikes
    All jap bikes are right hand side

    Leave out Maico CZ Bultaco CZ Ducati Parilla etc

    By the way these do not usually fall into the cheap and cheerful/reliable route to Motorcycling heaven :LOL:
  3. thought is was RHS.... Dad always had jap kick starts untill his BMW.

    At least when i see a bike now with kick i can take a decent guess at whether (sp?) it's ok for me.

  4. well not all japs are RHS ...... HONDA CR480 motox was LHS
  5. I Stand corrected :oops: Note to Drew do not even think of a CR450 for first Bike :LOL:

    Besides that Honda,s First Big Bore / Open class Motor crosser was a little bit under done me thinks I had a Maico Magnum ISDE Fitted with a 500 M/Crosser Barrel / Head and Carb and it would eat my mates PE400 YZ 465 and CR450 for breakfast in any situation but I must say the KX500 was king and would do my old Maico

    Oh the sweet memories of running from the cops and mispent youth
  6. My old z650 and z900 had the kick starts . I loved them , gave them chararter :D .
  7. thanks but only looking at 250's due tur Vic learner ;aws etc.

    so no such thing as a standard kick start huh??? much like a standard for anything i guess.... its only standard if everybody uses it.
  8. I had a Z900 too... the kickstart was fun :)

    The trouble was... if the battery was down to the point of not wanting to crank the bike over then I could never get the kick start to start it either!

    If the battery was fine, then the spark was strong and I could kick start it easy (even when cold).

    Made the kickstart pretty pointless...
  9. Must have been designed by the same bloke who did the one on my BMW '75 R60/6. Unless the battery is 100% to start with there is not a ghost of a chance of it working.
  10. agreed .... i had a KX500 too ... one that btx actualyt used to set up and flog road registered.... it was wiked and used to scare the pants of me .... but was an awsome bush bike ... as for learner bikes ... i cant recall too many road bikes of 250 cc that had kickstarters ...2 strokes being the exceptions .... no doubt there older ones about that do
  11. cb250 from early 80's do aparently so i guess a few others would as well
  12. Here's a tip. If you can't kick with your left leg, get off the bike and use your right.

    Some of the european trailies do have it on the left also.
  13. Drew from what you are saying you are after a road bike, the only ones fitted with a kick starter are somthing like the rs250 single cyclinder 250 xl 250 motor in a road bike frame there was a link last week to a pearler of one for 500 bucks on ebay


    This would be a pearler of a begineer bike its not that difficult to fix and if your handy with the spanners you can fit an XL500 motor to it
  14. I'm trying to find the scar on my leg from when i was a kid and miss kicked the kickstarter on an XR250, and the peg went under my jeans and left a 30cm gash:-O But its been so long.
  15. Yeah the RGV250 has a kick start on the RHS
  16. Picture this. A cool rocker dude sitting on his BSA B33 cafe racer, with his right foot resting on the kickstarter. He leans to the right and bends down to turn on the fuel tap hidden under his polished Deeprose alloy tank. Unfortunately in leaning over he pushes down on the kickstarter, the bike fires, and kicks back. Now, as his chin is only slightly above tank level to the right of the bike, his right knee, urgently propelled by the detonating 500cc single, makes contact with it like an uppercut from Mohammad Ali and he is instantly knocked unconcious. Now I am not going to say who this individual was, but I am quite familiar with the detail.
  17. That is a classic :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    That gets my vote for the monday funny
  18. 30cm... pft.

    i'll have to take some photos of my legs for ya... unfortunalty all but 1 of mine were inflicted by proffesionals that got paid to do it!!

    hip to knee on left leg, same on inner thigh....knee to ankle on left leg as well. drill holes iton knee and upper femur (great way to scare reallies when they were fresh.... now they just look wierd)

    had about 100 stitches in that leg at one stage.... now it looks like a 2nd hand prop from a b-grade horror movie... and not real strong... hence no wanty kickstarty

    yeah saw the one on ebay.... would be ok.. but still trying to pull finances together.
  19. Still got my z900 and kick starter is definatly on r/hand side as was on my 750 honda and my 750 suzuki my z900 actualy likes the kick starter better than the electric go figure,and yeah there is something cool about a kick in the guts miss it an my zx9