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Silly Question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Quivorir, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I come from a car background so know a lot about where to buy parts for cars, but when it comes to bikes I have no idea. Didn't bother doing anything to my old bike but on this new one I will no doubt be after levers, rear sets etc...Other than eBay, where do you get this kinda stuff?

  2. I buy from;
    Sports bike track gear
    Rider discount
    Hard racing
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  3. Thanks for that, I will check them out.
  4. Rizoma do some trick stuff. Pricey but nice..
  5. Understatement ;p
  6. Have you looked for an online forum just for your bike? You might find some recommended mods, group buys and guys making stuff.
  7. I have. They are all American and most not active. Found one that is reasonably active but being the bike is a 2012 model not many have upgraded to it yet.
  8. Its a good question as i found the same problem , there doesn't seem to be the discount
    one stop shops for bikes, dealers seem very expensive on parts compared to ebay and postage from USA .
    i find myself at ebay most times ( i am also new to bikes ),
    super cheap have oil and oil filters (some)
  9. Good luck with the oil SuperCheap sell.
  10. Thanks for more. Definitly the more options the better. Especially if I can get from Australia.
  11. Lets start an oil thread !
    Filters are cheap and a quick research turned up that there not bad
    Veshra or something
    Yeah fair point on oil i suppose
  12. It says all taxes included. Good deal.
    usually you have to pay 5% customs and 10% gst on all imports worth over AU$1000.