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Silly question probably

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by exxodus1, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    It is possible to jump start my car using my motorbike battery? It wont affect the bikes electrics, etc?

  2. If your car has a small engine it may work.
    It depends on the cranking capacity of your bike battery.
    Possible, yes but it depends.........
  3. So should I risk trying.

    Maybe rev the bike up as someone hits the ignition on the car ?

    If you guys think its risky I wont even try it.
  4. I would prefer that you didn't but if you do (and this goes for any jumpstart of a vehicle)

    Unless you are in such a rush that time is of an essence here is a safer way (less hard on donor's battery and electrics).

    To make sure there is no current drain from the flat battery disconnect the negative terminal. Start donor vehicle connect positve to positive, neg to neg. Now what you are effectively doing is using a fossil fuel BATTERY CHARGER. The longer you leave it the more charge is being given to the flat battery I'd like to say at least 10 minutes. You may need to apply some revs from the donor vehicle, making sure that overheating doesn't occur(engine). Which may be a problem using a bike.

    Once you have left it for a nice amount of time turn off donor vehicle, put negative terminal back on flat vehicles battery. Now you are supposed to run the negative lead from an earthed point on the two vehicles (apparently to stop nasty surging of current when flat batteried vehicle fires.) Start up donor. Try starting the other........... if succesful remove leads negative one first.

    luv V8
  5. Jump start

    It's OK if you don't fire up the car. The car battery will have plenty of power to fire the bike up. Firing up the car will produce too many amps for the bike battery to handle.