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Silly question on servicing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Julien, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. I've got a Suzuki GS500. The latest service invoice says thatmy next service is 6000ks or 15 June 2009. The bike is still under warranty. I can't really the point of getting my bike service now as it has onlydone a bit over 4000ks. I was planning on waiting until 6000ks. Is that right?

  2. Probably not. It's usually whichever comes first.
  3. If the "service due date" on the invoice is six months from when you last had service then might be a good idea to drop the oil. If you are doing low ks then at least change oil every six months, coolant and brake fluid every year.

    Edit: By the way, there is not such thing as a stupid question regarding service!!!! If your mechanic laughs at you or tries to make you "feel small" for not knowing something, then find another mechanic!!!!!
  4. +1

    My mechanic explains everything to me he's doing to my bike and why. This way I know how to look after it and slowly over time I'm learning how to service and maintain my own bikes. While this would seem stupid and putting himself out of business, its called good customer relations.
  5. the reason for the time is because there are things that are affected by time. eg. dumping of the oil and they can see if there is excess condensation in the oil which can lead to them finding a seal not properley tightened, and good goin over of the screws to make sure they were tightened properley, make sure things havent got things there shouldnt be there, eg. air bubbles in the brake lines.

    this all should be written in the owners manual, the kms service and what has to be done.

    wheather or not they do it is another question....
  6. Get off ya bum and ride the thing more.