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Silly Old Man

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stefank, May 2, 2014.

  1. One silly old man in Hobart has bought a bike to keep himself amused in retirement, having not ridden one for over 40 years. A month (and a bit over 800 k) later and I haven't fallen off yet.

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  2. Welcome mate
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  3. Lol
    Welcome silly old man!
    Glad you haven't taken to falling off yet. One of the things I have managed to take into my thick skull over the years is that the older you are, the less you bounce and the more you will break.
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  4. Welcome to Nutrider!

    A couple of good places for you to start getting cornering skills are Waterworks Rd and going up to Ferntree from South Hobart (technically, both end up in Ferntree). For gravel, you could then turn into Summerleas Rd (or whatever it's called up at Ferntree), and head down to the north western part of Kingston, then back to Hobart via Taroona/Sandy Bay for more swisties, or the Sourhern Outlet if you're short of time. Taking those roads at or below the posted speed limit would be good for learners. There are plenty of good bike roads near Hobart. I just wish I'd started riding while I lived down there!
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  5. Welcome to NR and back onto two wheels ! Tasmania - motorcycling nirvana !
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  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been heading out to Bridgewater and doing the Boyer road to New Norfolk and back a few times. That's a bit varied and also has a 80 kph limit so I don't have to feel bad about holding up traffic.
  7. welcome you'll fit right in there's plenty of silly old men on here
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  8. ^^^Yup.
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  9. Plenty of silly not-so-old men here too... ;)

    You're riding past my best mate's place (in Upper Dromedary). :) Yep, that's a good road too. It becomes even better between Derwent Bridge and Queenstown, but it's a good idea to work up to that one.., ;)
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  10. And plenty of silly.. not too old.. not too young, but juuuust right women here too :D

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  11. Hi Stefank,

    Welcome to Netrider, good to see another Taswegian on two wheels. Message me if you get up to Swansea one day. Enjoy
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  12. Thanks. You're a bit out of range at the moment, but I'm working up to these things!
  13. What is it with this "Taswedgie" thing? My mother says it too... I don't like having my dacks up my bum, so I'm not a Taswedgie. I'm a Tasmaniac! 3:)
  14. If you haven't got a "wedgie" on our twisty roads you are not riding hard enough ! Actually though its Taswegian, like Norwegian, nothing to do with jammed jocks in your butt crack but "Tasmaniacs" would probably suit us better.
  15. Hi and welcome @stefank@stefank, 800 kays in a month? Great work, keep it up! Planning on heading down your way again next year to enjoy those oh so awesome roads once more. Great little bike for learning, the CB250, enjoy it(y)
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  16. Tasmaniac definitely suits me better. ;)
  17. 2014-11-03 11.09.58.

    P is for progress. Or perhaps "partially competent".