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Silly Mistake - Busted

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by s1000rider, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Hi NR,

    I will start first of by sharing my silly mistake I have done 2 years ago while rushing to park the bike and run to the WC.

    Instead of parking my bike with the rear to the kerb I decided not to waste time and park the bike facing front towards the kerb first which would have saved me time...

    Next thing ... Place the bike stand down.... one leg off and there we go .... I ended up with my bike going over I'm falling with the bike (i'm first to land on the concrete followed by bike falling on side) trapping my left leg while neighbours dog is attempting to lick my face!

    So I struggled to get my leg unstuck while jack russell is running around like mad and when I did I had to get my bike up without shitting my pants at the same time.

    When wife asked WTF happened I said someone has pushed the bike over at work to a save being further embarrassed.

    Damage : Left blinker, fairing scratched, mentally bruised and pissed off!

    later that evening ... my neighbour is walking his dog, stops next to the bike while my wife if having a look at the damage and begins to say: Geez that was a bummer! Next time he won't do that again! When my wife asked what do you mean? He said I saw him lifting the bike up, he must have fallen off!

    BUSTED! GRRRRR! :mad:

    Well next thing that happened was.....

    Share your stories ladies and gents...
  2. Lucky it wasn't your upcoming new S1000....:p
  3. you are so right! I wouldn't have my balls left! :bigtears:
  4. Be a man about it....keep lying!
  5. Always.... White lies are all but important to survive 3:)
  6. Deny, deny, deny...