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Silly fool and his suicidal dogs

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Climbatize, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I had my closest call yesterday, (after riding twisties all day), in Dandenong.

    On my way home, stuffed from the ride, some junkie looking fool for a joke was crossing the road with two dogs.. my light was as green as they get.. my horn was blaring.. his little man was red. My bike is deafening at the best of times and the horn was sounding for at least 5 seconds.. He didn't bat an eyelid until his dog was near under my tire. What a F*CKWIT.. locked up the rear and grabbed a handful of front brake.. came to a complete stop and his dog just brushed past my front tire. I was downright ropable but to tired to get off and give him a serve. Took off from that in the wrong gear and more or less ran a red :furious:

  2. people walking dogs of lead that like to chase motorbikes, rates a close second to fags on bicycles ....tough call, but the lycra faggot still ranks #1 on the ****wit scale in my book.
  3. you probably should of been slowing down earlier then having to break hard in the last minute, sure you might of been irritated at having to slow down to let him cross, right or wrong. But you would of been SAFER.
  4. to be fair that little green man only gives you about 3 milliseconds to cross over.

    actually, if it's young children or the elderly crossing, i quite enjoy revving my engine and lurching forward while shouting " C'MONN!!! YOU THINK YOU CAN MAKE IT!!
  5. Thera, yeah yeah. I'm safe now. I just expected him to hear my horn or my bike or just plain realise he's crossing a road. With cars using it. In what world do we live in when we have to brake for pedestrians.

    He never had the green man to begin with Mr Monkey man.

  6. I don't know, with comments like that I put you #1 on the ****wit scale
  7. Surely Climbatze, you're 'spidy senses' should have warned you of such an action?
    Experience usually tells me when some dcikhead is going to make a bad move before it happens.
  8. I wouldn't worry about being chased by a lead dog, it'd be too heavy to run very fast.

  9. +100 thousand
  10. hahahaha love it!