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Silly dirt bike rider

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ResmeN, May 30, 2010.

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    This video reminded me of the spectator who mooned the rally driver causing them to have a crash and flip the car. In this instance the fool rider was lucky not to be hit by Loeb's car.


    "France's world rally champion Sebastien Loeb got more than he bargained for during the second stage Friday of the Portugal Rally -- a motorcyclist driving, illegally, towards him on the course.

    Six-time world champion Loeb, who drives for Citroen, just managed to avoid hitting the biker as he flew over the 22km course in Santa Clara, later describing the shock incident to reporters.

    "There's a motorbike opposite us," Loeb coolly told his co-driver Daniel Elena.

    "Yes, I saw it !" replied Elena, before returning to his roadbook notes somewhat stunned. Normally all race courses are off limits to members of the public whether walking, on two wheels or four.

    Coincidentally Loeb had spoken out on Thursday in support of an International Automobile Federation (FIA) initiative aimed at getting all motorcyclists to wear helmets.

    The FIA's campaign is aimed at saving five million lives and avoiding 50 million serious road accidents worldwide in the next 10 years."

    Here is the video of the guy mooning the driver which has been posted before but couldn't find the thread:

  2. yeah an idiot, but it would be very, very tempting, a closed off course... mmmm
  3. Nice to see someone's bin out very close to the road!