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Silly Commuter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jord4231, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys
    Fully licenced rider here
    For the last year I've done nearly 10,000kms on the commute to work each day on my cb125e (brought it new) love it.
    My brother is going for his L's and wants to buy my bike, I've got the ixil exhaust and jetted the carb one of the quicker cb125e's hehe.

    So in keeping the theme with silly little bikes (as not to rack up the kms on my Yamaha tracer for my 30km a day commute) I'm considering a Yamaha Yzf-r15 for my next commute. I usually take the back way to work (twisties) for a bit of fun and find it fun to ride a little bike really hard!

    What do we all think about this?

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  2. rsv4 factory
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  3. Or the R3, perhaps? Still small, but more go...
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  4. Just a little more than I wanted to spend, I like the fact these cheap sub 4k bikes are throw away when I'm done hurting them
  5. Lots of mechanically unsympathetic fun for not many $. Go for it I say.

    I keep looking at the Skyteam Ace and all the dirt cheap go-faster stuff available for Chinese bikes off Ebay (yes, I know what the quality will be like) for a similarly cheap, thrashable fun bike and returning to my roots.
  6. Stunning avatar Uncle GregUncle Greg. George Cluney may not be happy about you using his likeness.

    Oh sorry jord4231jord4231, got off track. Sounds like you are comfortable doing your thing. Go for it!
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  7. From what I understand the r125 is a better bet than the r15. Loses out on some displacement, but a lot more quality product (manufactured in Europe, while the r15 comes out of india). Seem to be around the same price, too.

    I think something like a VTR250 would be great though :)
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  8. Tell your brother to buy his own bike, keep the Honda, ride it till it falls apart.

    If you are happy with your set-up, why stuff it up?

    BTW having fun on wee bikes makes perfect sense to me. :)
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  9. How about a CBR250RR? :)
  10. Ha SiilkSiilk beat me to it. If you really need a change (i.e. why not keep current bike and let your bro get his own), then get some dirt cheap old 250 that likes to be revved to 18000 rpm.No issues if it gets bumped. nicked, whatever.
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  11. You can get a 2nd-hand KTM 390 Duke for around $5k.
  12. might worth also looking at the Suzuki Inazuma. I have took it out for a spin while shopping around for a bike (4 the wife) and got really surprised. Unfortunately she found it "too big". I have nothing to do with Suzuki otherwise, I think it is worth the look - while the other 300's are built sportier this one is upright and built for commute and is a rarity having 2 cylinders for a 250cc....
    INAZUMA 250 - Features | Suzuki Motorcycles
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  13. The usual answer to this sort of question is a 2008 CB400. Can be had fairly easily for $5K. Very nice in the twisties as well as the commute.
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  14. sure
  15. Thanks guys :) brought the r15 today , I intend to keep it for a year as I did with the cb125e and move it on (unless I really like it *doubt it*. I like to buy a new bike each year there's something about brand new budget I like, Ride it hard have a ball move it on get something else next year..... maybe next time I'll get a klx150
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  16. The thing with little bikes is that you can thrash the snot out of them without reaching speeds that will see you with an automatic ban. The little four-strokes are pretty much all out at the national limit but still give you plenty of work to do to keep you interested. That's not the case with a CB400 or even a VTR250 or CBR250R, any of which will top out nearer 150-160 for which is quite enough to put you in deep shit..

    The challenge with a tiny bike is to average, over distance, a speed as close as possible to the bike's maximum, Try that with anything more than 12-15 bhp and your licence won't last long.
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