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Silkolene Chain "Gel"

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kazjim, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. I've applied this three times to my Cruiser's chain, and so far it seems to dry up in about 2 days. . . .

    it goes on quite thick and white, but doesnt seem to actually "Lube" the chain.....

    Anyone got experiences / better options ?

    I've got white-walls and any "fling-off" just marks them like hell !

  2. Did you shake the can? otherwise you aint getting any oil

    I've got the same stuff put it on over 500kms ago piled the shit on cause it was the first time i used the stuff. its still got heaps on there. sticks well if you ask me
  3. And how did you apply it ?

    Mine came with just a normal "Spray tip" (not wd-40 styly like i was expecting) and it seems to have quite a wide spraying area....

    it seems to get everywhere and its sticky to boot !

    I"ll try again with my new chain (this one is shagged...) but even so, is there other products you reccommend ?

  4. mines got the little tube that came attached to the lid (falls off extremely easy)

    went for ride to warm up the chain, came back, jack bike over to one side. get someone to rotate the wheel, hold a rag behind the chain and drown the bastard.

    let it settle for 20mins or so before you go anywhere. i'm told you can wipe the excess off after this too.

    note: point can upwards or the tube blocks up.
  5. I'm assuming this gel stuff is going to last longer than your normal road bike chain lube?

    Is there a big price difference?