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Silk Glove Liners

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smidge, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. in my mission to find gloves that fit i'm thinking i'll try the method discussed here a little about getting silk inserts for my very comfy summer gloves

    i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to where to buy them from? Seen them around the net on lots of international sites but a local one would be great. preferably not MCAS.

    any tips?

  2. Ski Shops or Peter Stevens in the city.
  3. ummm...in Sydney.

    Campbelltown - On Two Wheels - $12
    Penrith - Kelens Kawasaki - about $13

    I think Bikebiz in Parramatta has them too.

    Sorry can't help with South Sydney.

  4. All i needed to know thanks heaps people :D
  5. I tried them years ago. Tossed them out and bought a decent pair of winter gloves.
  6. A* winter gloves i bought are XL but still to small for my hands and get aching fingers after a time

    Next set of winter gloves are plenty warm but so thick i can hardly feel a thing and make my wrists sore for some reason

    Last resort is the glove liner! If its less than $20 i'll give it a try
  7. fixed.
  8. Smidge. I tried that silk gloves in summer gloves trick last year when I rode to work one morning.

    Regretted it big time. Hands like ice blocks.

    I tried the silk gloves in the Dri-Rider Nordic gloves trick the following morning. Mere frostbite that time.

    I too suffer from the cramped and sore hands/wrists thing. I think the answer is to spend significant sums on quality gloves. And to that end here in Netrider there are as many threads and opinions on what makes the perfect winter glove as there are posters on the subject.

    And if someone discovers the answer, then I too am all ears (and fingers and thumbs)...
  9. It's called heated grips, for you human iceblocks.
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  10. yeah right heated grips may be the go...

    anyone wanna organise a daily ride to burger king? i think i need to pile on some built in fat insulation!!!
  11. from start to finish, ie, start bike, get on, ride off, get to work, is about 12 mins. for me, ten of which is highway speeds.

    How long does it take for heated grips to start being effective as they warm up?

    I would imagine that for a longer ride that they'd be doing the job, but for my relatively short commute would they be any good?

  12. I imagine if it's *THAT* cold, you should be letting your bike warm up properly, by which time yes.
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  13. It's not necessary to let a bike sit there for ten minutes to warm up. A minute or two at high idle, then you move off, taking it easy for the first kay or two.

    And at 6am there are noise issues with neighbors, anyway.
  14. aussie disposals have them also
  15. Not silk, but years ago, I found a supply of thin cotton gloves in a surplus store. They were so cheap that I bought a stack of them and used them as glove liners through several UK winters. They made a huge difference.

    On a further note, the warmest winter gloves I ever owned were created from a pair of mega cheap bike gloves of decent quality leather but absolutely useless thin foam insulation, worn over a pair of mega cheap (but Thinsulate lined) ski gloves, thus providing abrasion resistance and warmth.
  16. 12 minutes? HTFU!

    My ride is about an hour, and I finish work at 11pm. Last two nights have been a bit nippy. I've tried the poly thermal gloves inside sports gloves, and I've tried a pair of bed-pillows with a Dianese logo on them (apparently winter gloves) and both left my fingers numb by the time I got home. Thermals inside winter pillows are the best result so far, but you can hardly distinguish between the grips and the levers, and they are a bugger to get on and off.

    The search continues...
  17. I beg your pardon???