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Silk glove liners - reviewed

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lotus7, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Ive just bought a pair of "Silkbody" silk gloves. They are 100% silk and thin enough that you can wear them under your gloves to keep your mitts toasty warm :grin:

    I previously tried marino (wool) and poly-stuff glove liners but they were all too thick - making my gloves uncomfortably tight at the finger joints. The silk gloves are so thin they dont impede movement and (apart from the extra warmth) you can quickly forget your wearing them.

    All the bike stores I tried did not have any. Only one of the outdoor places did - Bogong Equipment in Little Bourke st, Melbourne. I previously attempted to buy a pair from a BMW dealership (who do stock them) but the staff were not very helpful. :roll:

    Putting them on my hands were instantly warmer than with my gloves. Went out for a quick thrash with my summer gloves (vented) and can tell you they really cut the wind and kept my hands toasty warm. I still have not found any winter gloves that fit my long fingered hands, so this is a reasonable compromise for me for the time being. I imagine they would be equally good with a pair of winter gloves if your going somewhere really cold.

    Well worth it for $25. Recommended.
  2. will have to have a look at this
    as i dont like winter gloves as they are soo bulky
    this would be a good alternative
    thanks for the review
  3. Funny how the low-tech old fashioned stuff can so often outperform the latest and greatest. Silk inner gloves were worn by cavalrymen at the battle of Waterloo.
  4. My mate wears them and I laugh at him. :LOL:
    VERY girly, but he swears by them.
  5. lol a little girly but they sound awesome.

    I might buy them to wear with my leathergloves, instead of purchasing a set of probably expensive winter gloves
  6. exactly what i was thinkin :grin: :grin:
  7. sounds like a good idea for winter, under my leather gloves. i was going to buy a pair of winter gloves but have heard that they can be bulky and uncomfortable. luckily i read this first!
    thanks for review
  8. I tried a pair of arthritis gloves that are supposed to keep your hands warm.......

    Emphasis on the "Supposed to"
  9. thought this thing about 'silk' was well known.....

    I have been wearing 'silk' inner gloves for more than 20 years
    always available at outdoor stores (Katmandu etc)
    last set (5 yr ago) came from a Kwaka dealer
    (as did the silk balaclava)