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Silicone rescue tape

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by GJ384, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I'm putting together a selection of emergency "bush mechanic" style repair tools and gear to take on long rides, and came across this - "silicone rescue tape":


    From the description...
    Sounds like pretty good stuff. Has anyone else tried it?
  2. It's been on my list of things to get incase of emergency since about 13/02/2010 (it's in my notes on the iPhone, hence why I know the exact date).

    Back then though it wasn't available from Jay Car, it was only available from a selected few (mainly boat shops), which I never made my way out to.


    Now I know I will stop by Jay Car and get some.

  3. Yes get it. It fits under your seat and it can be a trip saver.

    My mate had rescue tape on this trip (http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/bike-essentials-rescue-tape.html) and we were able to splint his gear pedal back together and he could ride home again from Eildon-Jamieson Rd all the way back to Melbourne.

    By the time he got home he'd forgotten that his gear pedal was in two bits held together by a flat spanner and rescue tape, and he was thumping away on the gear shifts like normal.
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  4. In fact he was so impressed with it, he gave it back to me for my birthday later that year:


    For something like $20 you'd need to be really broke, or really short of storage space under your seat to not carry a role of this stuff with you.
  5. Duct tape obsolete omg
    Next there will be silicon on steroids
    And thats pretty much it
  6. that stuff exists too
    it's called silastic or sickaflex
  7. is good shit and better than duct tape cause duct tape leaks,

    and when you take silicon tape off, it doesn't leave messy sticky shit behind that you have to get a fucking blowtorch too to remove.
  8. Wow. That's pretty impressive. I normally carry a roll of gaffa tape in the tailpack but I'll definitely be picking up some of this stuff now too!
  9. Supercheap has a similar tape, SOS Silicone tape.

    A little shorter, but half the price at $9.99. 3 different colours too.


  10. We use this stuff at work...however it is rated at stupid high temperatures. Cost us about $60 a roll or something and works at high pressures/temperatures. Awesome stuff!
  11. A new rightful owner of the "100-mph tape" name
  12. Awesome!

    I'm about to head out on a really big trip and this stuff looks really handy (I have the old 100mph tape).

    Thanks for sharing.

    *Edit -

    On a side note what else do you have in your kit, perhaps there's something else you might have thought of that I don't currently have in mine?

    Stuff like metal putty, wire, spare bolt set, etc...?
  13. not even nearly. 100mph tape was given the name because it literally holds body parts on racecars and doesn't need to be wrapped on itself the way self amalgamating tape does