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Silicone hoses

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by GreyImport, Aug 13, 2012.

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  2. Two places I used to find brilliant for just about anything for grey imports are:
    www.wemoto.com (UK based) and
    japan.webike.net (which is a lot easier to use now that it's in English)

    Unfortunately neither one seems to have anything in the way of radiator hoses though :-k

    Only thing I can think of is to check whether the naked Zeal that was sold here uses the same hoses, as these should at least be available through Yammy dealers (engine is the same but not sure if the radiator placement is as well)
  3. autobarn and supercheap have hose i used them on my xs250 ages ago with a bit of modding you can make them fit
  4. silicone i think not 100% thought
  5. Ill go through my ebay purchases............I bought a whole bunch of red silicone coolant and vacuum hoses for my car from a UK seller.............worked a treat and very sturdy. I had a look at the hose again on Sunday (since some more OEM coolant / turbo hoses started leaking) and the UK silicone hoses looked and felt brand new, even after a year of use..............for a bike, also use quality hose clamps with no slots and if the bolt or screw for those clamps is hard to get then you can also buy a flexible shaft screw driver or socket………………..

  6. Or to catch and scrape.....when your trying to wiggle the clamp into place.