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Silent Tribute to a lost mate.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by YAMRAJ, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    some terrible wrecks there
  2. they all seem to be sportbikes?

    that aside, those wrecks are truely horrific, and sad to know that for everybike there is at least one person out there who was injured/killed doing what they loved

    when i got my Ps the other week the instructor asked us to think about every maneuvre we make on the roads, and ask ourselves, was that move worth it?

    i think about it all the time on the road and wonder, is it worth twisting the wrist alittle more here? or is it worth continuing through this intersection without setting up brakes? or is it worth carrying the same speed around this blind corner expecting more empty road to be there?

    i'm glad i've done some safety courses is all i can say
  3. damn that 2nd one is quite powerful!
  4. I'll say the same thing I said when this was posted last time; gruesome and gratuitous voyeurism, and of no value whatsoever.....
  5. I am gonna drive safe tonight... thats my promise to myself. Good night Guys.
  6. I found this on the net while surfing and thought I should share.. I did not say anything and do not mean anything. For all you good friends who want to voice over this, be my guest. You have a mouth and you know how to use it so go ahead and do what you do best.

    For all the others, take care fellas. We live to ride, and not ride to live. :)
  7. Well it does do something - it makes some people stop and think - i ahve already come accross it while i was arming myself with as much info as i could before buying a bike.

    Seems though from the TAC stats that most bike accidents are preventable, and like cars ther are those you cannot avoid.

    There is plenty you can do to avoid being on one of those reels - its a good reminder i think.
  8. Hear, hear. There's nothing in this that shows respect to those who've lost lives or sustained injuries. If I go for a burton, I'll be back to haunt the bastard that posts my wreck as a "silent tribute".

    Remember those lost by their moments of greatness- whether that's grinding a peg or sharing a beer.
  9. i beg to differ bc everyone has their own interpretation of it & would
    look at it differently in terms of the message its portraying to them