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Sikh man denied motorcyle test because of turban

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2up, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=77&ContentID=149566

    I saw this on the news tonight.
    An Indian man who says he was denied the opportunity to get his motorcycle licence because his religious beliefs dictate he cannot remove his turban has taken his case to the Equal Opportunity Commission. 
    Mandeep Singh, who is a Sikh, said he paid a fee at the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in City West late last week to take his motorcycle test but was told he had to remove his turban and wear a helmet. 
    Mr Singh, a security officer, said yesterday that a Sikh was forbidden to wear a cap or helmet and his religious obligation dictated that he could not remove his turban. 
    Sikhism is a religion that believes in one god and advocates the pursuit of salvation through disciplined, personal meditation. Many Sikhs do not cut their hair from birth until death. 
    The State Government Office of Multicultural Interests says on its website Sikhs do not wear a helmet over the turban because it interferes with the “crown of spirituality†and this should never be suggested. 
    “They apply for, and are routinely given, permission to avoid wearing a helmet from the WA Police Service,†the website says. “The head or turban is sacred. A Sikh’s head or turban should never be touched or insulted in any way.†
    Mr Singh, 21, said he was told the DPI previously exempted people from wearing helmets but it was now mandatory. 
    “I said it is my religious obligation . . . it is my right,†he said. “He told me that it’s law now in WA and there are no exemptions. Ever since I have been in Australia, no one has ever asked me to take off my turban.†
    Mr Singh, who came to Perth as a student in 2006 from Kashmir, said he had asked the Equal Opportunity Commission to look at his case. 
    “They said they are happy to take my case,†he said. “They will do whatever they can . . . it hasn’t happened before, they told me, it’s a very different case.†
    Equal Opportunity Commissioner Yvonne Henderson could not comment on Mr Singh’s case, but said tribunals had found turbans were an intrinsic expression of religion and it was a form of religious discrimination to prevent people from wearing them. 
    Ms Henderson said there was a health and safety provision in the Equal Opportunity Act that could override a person’s right not to be discriminated against. 
    A DPI spokeswoman said the department would be seeking further advice on current laws for people seeking exemptions for wearing a helmet.
    He said that he was allowed to ride in India with just his turban on.
    ...My comment. We go ride there then.
  2. similar story in England but over there if I recall he won.
  3. But they lost in Canada.
  4. "when you try and please everybody, no-one's happy"

    note to self. encourage 9,999 people to declare the Norse God of Speed their religion in the next sensis, so we can be recognised as an official religion and have speeding tickets waived by nervous cops who don't want to get sued.
  5. How many people in Asian countries wear helmets or protective gear on bikes? Bugger all. I hope they stick to their guns and don't give in to the political correctness crap - no helmet, no ride - just like the rest of us.
  6. Let him ride, let him fall, see how much he likes his turban when his head hits the tarmac. Harsh I know, but its my opinion. :evil:
  7. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! You don't like it.....F#@K off home!
  8. And he has a low speed accicdent, smacks his head and gets brain damage..Guess what.!!! the aussie tax payer will pick up his medical bills, compensation and housing for the rest of his life.
  9. Not the "tax payer"..... the TAC payer!....... you!
  10. I don't understand why people like this go off and sue everyone because they made a choice that conflicts with what 100% of people are expected to do... It's not like riding a motorbike is the only option.

    Simple solution for this whinger - drive a car.
  11. This is the adult version of

    :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  12. Gee you guys are cruel
    Obviously the guy is fully sikh.
  13. im with you.. :p
  14. I HOPE he gets his way, then crashes and dies a painful death. I am SO SICK of people thinking they are above the law. Greg Bird gets jail time for smashing a glass into his girlfriend. Good! Hope he serves every fcuking day!

    Fu*k the lot of em!

    /rant. (pissed off cause of NSW's shitty performance so far...)
  15. That lightened my mood somewhat. Thank you
  16. want respect for your religion, then respect aussie law's
  17. Dear Mr Sikh Man,

    I am happy that you find that your religon is more important to you then the laws of the country that you choose to reside in and that you put it above your own personal safety.

    I have given you application a lot of thought, my verdict is...

    Computer says no




  18. Yes obviously, and needs a good talking too, too good 4 school by the looks of things.

    Calm down buddy,

    I am a Sikh, and my dad wears the turban. However he has no problem in wearing a helmet whilst riding. My religion requires the hair to be covered which is fine he can wear a bandanna or something like that.
    A lot of Sikhs ride in Australia without complaining, now because of one fool why do we all get told to fcuk off!!!

    The guy was wrong full stop and i am more then happy to say that, he should wear a bandanna or a diff style of turban that lets him wear a helmet; both my brother and my dad did so.

    There was a study done in Canada about turbans and they offer only slightly more protection than wearing no helmet, however no where near enuf. Someone should alert the man to this!

    I get racist shit by some Anglo-Saxon Aussies, doesn't mean i go around saying all Aussies are idiots and start generalizing like that.

    one idiot out of the lot, come on hardly fair to criticize all of us.

    I back the nsw law fully, and would say to the bloke, go the South Australia if he wants to be that passionate, he can ride w/out a helmet there.
  19. haha agreed, that was funny!
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