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Signs of the times

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Two items of great interest on news.com.au this early morning.

    Both concern what we have already observed;
    1. the dramatic increase in scooter numbers http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,23636,20107365-462,00.html,

    2 .and the other is statictical proof for that which was vigorously denied by many a few weeks ago when I suggested it; people are dumping big cars at a serious rate http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,23636,20111537-462,00.html

    Good all round, I would have thought. Fewer gas-guzzling tanks on the road, and more people discovering via scooters, the joys of motorcycling.

    Enjoy the day folks...

  2. actually, when your BF works for a company that makes gas guzzling tanks it's bad news.

    not happy about the possibility he may be unemployed.
  3. It won't be long till the car prices will go down more because of lessening demand. Then motorbike and scooter prices will go up because of increasing demand.

    People will then start buying cars again because cars will be cheaper to buy and the exorbitant prices of motorbikes and scooters. Oh and because of less demand for petrol, petrol prices might at least stabilised or it might even go down.
  4. Any drop in prices will be suplemented with a tax increase, it's the Australian way.
  5. hmmm do i keep teh scooter.. the GPX and the Rx7... or just keep the GPX and the rx7...

    keep teh scooter.. could be an investment bahhahahah
  6. i think you forgot to put ' :p ' or ' :wink: ' at the end of your post, you're not serious are you?

    motorbikes unlike fossil fuels aren't a finite resource, so production and supply will be increased to meet demand, new bike stores may open to cater for the increased demand increasing competition and lowering the cost for consumers. (that stands to reason to me anyway..)
  7. Motorbikes keep getting cheaper, look at the korean brands impacting the market> suzuki is running out the sv650 @9K to compete against the hyosung, just wait till china makes its start . . .
  8. I've said it once and I'll say it again, rising fuel prices isn't a bad thing. I say that working in the transport industry, people get smarter and find better ways to do acheive the same thing.
  9. I don't know what you are all whinging about. I'm quite happy driving my V8 everywhere. Its as reliable as my new laser disc player I got when I bought my nice new 58cm CRT TV, that goes great through my amplifier with double tape deck. Come around some time and I'll give you a listen to the new Ice House album...

    *Scrambles has been issued a fine for reckless stupidity and not knowing when the 80's finished.
  10. Hear hear scrambles. And my Nokia 5110 works just fine!
  11. Yes!
    Petrol is getting far too expensive.

    It is a real concern and makes a huge different to everyone's budget. Motorcycling is a fun way to travel at reduced cost.

    I look forward to engineering and efficiency gains that will make motorcycles even lighter on fuel than they already are.

    .... geez I can't wait to get a bigger bike :grin:
  12. Am i gonna sell my xr8 and buy a hyundi mmmmmmm Nope :grin:
  13. And as the number of bikes & scooters increase so will the number of accidents and injuries and the TAC premium may also increase to cover the increased medical costs due to the fact that an equivelent crash on a bike is much worse injury wise than in a car :roll:
  14. Story in the Courier-Mail this weekend about stricter rules for Ls and Ps.
  15. Call me an optimist. Much like as bicycling grew to a large enough community to be taken seriously by the govt., I foresee that the day will come soon enough that there will be enough 2-wheeled riders that critical political mass is attained, and then there will finally be some REAL political clout and consideration for powered 2-wheeled transport.

    We all biatch and moan about how the govt. dedicates money to cyclists, well I see this as the beginning of the trend to start taking powered 2-wheelers seriously too. Of course all the incumbants will turn a blind eye to the changing road usage patterns, and remain self-ignorant of the booming growth in 2-wheeled sales until people start losing their marginal seats over the issue, and THEN we'll see a change in the acceptance by the government, and hopefully then we'll start to see some high-level acceptance of the benefits thereof, rather than the present outright denials that are occurring.

    I mean, it's happened everywhere in Europe where it's crowded. It's only a matter of time.
  16. That 2nd article seems to confirm what I've suspected - people can't afford to keep their V8 because of fuel prices, but they can't afford to sell it either due to lower used values (especially if it's still on finance). Keeping the car and buying a bike/scoot for commuting does seem to be the most sensible option. Aussie carmakers seem to be missing what people actually want, the Corolla is the biggest selling car at the moment after all. A diesel powered Falcodore would probably be a good option for many people - baffled as to why they don't make one.
  17. Displacement on demand - oh when will we see it in action!
  18. Wont be long imo, already we have quite a few Euro cars sold in this country that are diesel, BP are spending millions on upgrading diesel production facilities in Australia, BP are saying that within 5 years there will be more diesel getting sold than petrol in Australia.
    In Europe diesel cars are by far the majority and have been for a very long time, 30% more efficiency is a big deal when fuel costs over $2 a litre.
  19. Diesel definately makes ore sense than the governent's current idea of bribing people to convert to LPG. I mean LPG has it's advantages but I always thought that it was a by-product of petrol production. So surely converting a significant percentage of cars from petrol to LPG would put strain on supplies - and increase cost. I'm sure there's ways of synthesising LPG - but that'd probably increase the price too.