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Signing in for the first time

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by meshifty, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, Names Daniel and i live in sydney nsw. 32 year old who is going thru a mid life crisis and decided that maybe riding a bike would help sort it out.

    Used to drive little peewee's when i was a kid and upgraded to basic dirt bikes when i was about 13-14 but havent really touched a bike since so i am basically a complete noob with non-existant riding experience. My nickname is meshifty but im the farest from being shifty u will ever meet. Nickname is purely a gaming name that i use online and is the easiest thing to remember at my age :)

    Anyways i have my pre-learners booked in this weekend, already got my helmet, jacket and gloves and wil be in the market for a first bike very soon.

    I have been reading the forums for the last couple weeks and found a huge amount of useful information that has already grounded me in terms of my first bike. It has still to be decided what bike i am going to get but i am no longer flying by the seat of my pants purely looking at a bike that is sexeh.

    Anywayz ill be probing a few of u guys shortly in terms of information and help and i appologise in advance if i cannot be useful to any of ur current members but hopefully one day i will have enough experience to participate better.

    Take guys soon and talkz online shortly
  2. At That rate you can have 2 in your life! The forum is great and very helpful, you should have no problems!
  3. Welcome meshifty. Back to riding & obviously to NR. And another mid life crisis bloke like myself. I think it's getting crowded in here now. :) Nah..the more the merrier, as they say!

    Have you got any bikes that you are gonna look at in the first round?
  4. G'day Daniel, welcome back. And welcome to NR.

    My mid-life crisis started at 8 when I wouldn't get off the other kid's minibike, and it's still going strong as I charge forward toward my 50th birthday. It takes a while, this mid-life stuff...
  5. Since when is 32 "mid life!" Dude you need to get out more! :)
  6. Meh, I started mine at 30 and plan to continue it until at least 40. Why rush a mid-life crisis?

  7. Welcome, Daniel :)

    As you can see we're a very serious bunch here :LOL:
  8. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the warm welcome ;) I know 32 is a bit young for a midlife crisis but lady luck and mother nature have tag teamed me and the family over the last couple years. Just imagine a pinyata at a preschool bday party. Also it is also a convenient excuse to convince my wife to allow me my sweet bike and the freedom to ride it. (Better excuse than i need a bike to get away from the wifey and cause im a learner ur not allowed on the back)

    In terms of what i am looking at for a first bike i am way confused. I am tossing up between used and new and i am also tossing up between makes and models.

    For my first bike id prefer a road bike as apposed to a cruiser or a naked bike. Just personal preference.

    My first train of thought was to go with the used 250r / rr's as a bike to break myself in as they are relatively cheap but then i was worried about things like age and condition. I was then considering the kawa 250's 2011 new models or even the 2011 cbr250 as reviews suggest they are good learner bikes. My concerns with these are the cbr is air cooled for one and the fact that i am looking for a long term bike instead of changing in a year or so which makes me thinkthe initial 250's may feel to sluggish after a while. (Not that i am a revhead or a hoon in anyway - i have a family to think for after all)

    I was then reading alot of reviews about the kawa 650rl and the yamaha fz6r as well as the gs500f and the gsx650f and they sound perfect for initial learning and longer term use however i am a bit worried that anything bigger than a 250 will be 2 grunty for the first 3-6 months of trying to ride agian. I have been into Sydney city motorcycles and sat on all of these. The gsx650 just weighed to much for a noob like myself and the gs500f didnt feel as right as the kawa and the yamaha. So as you can see i am torn.

    I am planning to use it mainly to get to and from work each day which is about a 50km return trip and occasionally on the weekend for cruising. Dont plan any track/race days or anything associated with hooning (did all that when i was young and dum in the 4 wheeler version). Long term goals would be to find a nice little bike club that i can join and share the enjoyment.

    Like i said i got my pre learners booked in 2 days and then plan to try and find some other sort of road training before i try and brave it in the real world.
  9. Welcome meshifty... another early MLC rider here... Good luck with the tests & get out and enjoy it :biker:
  10. No worries mate. I'm 34 going on 24 but feel all my friends are growing "old" and boring around me so I'm getting a bit paranoid! They're not - it's just because they've got different priorities like raising kids.

    Mate test out a Honda CB400. I started on a little CBR250RR and upgraded. If I had my time again I would have saved myself some major hassles and skipped the 250 class.

    Good luck.
  11. Welcome Daniel. Coupla quick points about what bike ..

    - Sit on em all and get the one that feels the best .. the most "you". Size and ergos make a difference. You'll find it more enjoyable to ride and feel like riding it more.
    - Avoid the bikes that are heavy or have wide turning circles .. hard to do the MOST on (eg SV, GSX650, Hyo650), though you can opt to hire theirs for the test if you really want one of those.

    In the end though its your first bike .. your gonna change it so dont sweat the decision too much.

  12. welcome to NR Daniel...
    I m sure U will have a lots of help from all the great members in here..
    Go & get an APRILIA RS 125....lol.. this way I will have someone with the same bike as mine...

    Cheers mate..
  13. Welcome to Nr! I guess the thing to remember is that you will only have the bike as long as your restrictions, then you will upgrade. So obviously the cheap bikes are going to be old and some stuff might need to be replaced here and there but as with all things mechanical, there is never a guarantee, even on a bike off the showroom floor! So go for comfortable first as that will encourage confidence, rather than brand and pricepoint.
  14. Welcome to NR Daniel. Another one here to recently get my bike licence to escape the other half and kids without them all dragging along :) and enjoy the freedom of riding.

    As for the bike, as others have said get what you like and is most comfortable for you and what looks good to you. If you plan to keep after you are off restrictions a 250 might not be that great as you get use to the power quickly but it's still enough to put a smile on your face and can do 100-110 easy enough if you are commuting along freeways once off restrictions. If you plan to only use while on restrictions pick up a used bike, cheaper and will see you through until you upgrade.

    I wish there were some nicer 400/500s that look like the ninja. I prefer this style although some naked bikes do look good too.

    Good luck on the weekend.
  15. Welcome aboard. I'm in the same boat (MLC) and a bike is the perfect "escape vehicle"!
  16. was gonna say, my 'mid life crisis' started at 48 lol
  17. ok ok ok , lets call it rehersals for said 'mid life crisis'

  18. BASH IT ALL YOU WANT ....gpx 250...most 1990's 250's ...find a cheap one you might have to fix a blinker or fairing up for rego (it'll get you started on the mechanical side of things aswell ! ) granted my body ached terribly (AND IM ONLY 24) i not long back clocked up a 900km round trip on the gpx 250....choking her tightly i can get 140 on country roads...she can comfortably sit on 100-125kmph ....yes...i already want a bigger bike...but not to be confused...still love my lil 250 and am content with ol' red for another year or two...

    in my pointless opinion (i'm a youngin and still fairly new so waiting for a kick in the back of the head from one of the seniors)

    but a 250 is perfect for learners...even a 400 would be alright i guess...but because they aren't as powerfull ....they still pick up quickly...and considering your changing gears all the time it's great to learn on as it hammers the routine into ya noggin' ...not to mention the weight difference....i've slid out twice...(/facepalm) in loose gravel on roads...and have found it easy to pick my bike back up ...(also...if your learning...and dont think you'll be the bee's knee's straight away...buying a new bike...althou great...yes..warranty & insurance ect ect...your gonna be gutted if you drop or have a small accident on your shiny brand new baby and have her in the shop for a few weeks until she's back upto scratch

    if you can find a worthwhile second hand bike for a reasonably cheap price then you don't need to worry...you'll see it as a piece of shit...YOUR piece of shit that your incredibly proud of...and acknowledge that you might drop it a few times...and she's there to pick up a few scratches and dings and get you thru your early days...

    much like women...you gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess =D
  19. Yeah mate been doing alot of thread reading and im leaning more to the 2nd hand instead of new purely for the oh shit i dropped my new bike factor.

    P.s. Most of my mates slayed alot of princesses but most seemed to have ended up with the dragons

    Anyways L course starts in 5 will let ya all know if i have any brown stain moments
  20. Woot did my pre learners n got my green slip. Now i just have to book my knowledge test. tell you what it was a eye opener on how tempermental these bikes could be and kinda sealed my decision on a second hand bike over a new one.

    Seen first hand what happens when a learner slamms the throttle , quick release of the clutch and a wall in barracade in front of them. Not a pretty site. Lucky for them no injuries apart from a bruised ego. For me
    A few close calls but no bike drops. Just gotta get used to nott stalling it in first.