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Signalling Others To Pass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryangus, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I'm fairly certain it's been asked before, but I couldn't find it. How does one signal to riders behind that it's ok to pass?

  2. By attaching L plates to the bike. :p
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  3. i have a simple view on riding. i use the same A roads as the fast guys. i m not about to be a mobile chicane to anyone who wants to test the laws of physics.

    i wave em though all the time. i know my skill limits, and not about to put myself, or others, in danger by trying to push harder etc, just so as not to be passed.
  4. Not sure how this answers my question.
  5. Some people stick the right leg out, others will 'wave' them past.
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  6. +1, right leg means pass on right.
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  7. sorrry i was rambling on wasnt i.....i just move the the extreme left and wave them by as soon as i hear them!
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  8. Put left arm up, clenched fist..."holding position" as you would in the army, then unclench fist and throw your hand back and forward repeatedly screaming, GO GO GO!!!

    If that doesn't work...just stick your leg out (left leg = pass on left, right leg = pass on right)
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  9. Kick out your right foot.
  10. I just indicate and move over to the far left and wave my hand letting them know to pass.
  11. If it's a rider behind you, the traditional footkick will do the job.
    Cardrivers will have trouble understanding that though, your indicator is the language they will understand.

    Not sure why riders and cardrivers use a different set of language in this case, riders will understand the indicator as well as that's more universal (that's how other vehicles will tell you that you may pass them, they can't stick their foot out like us :p).
  12. Indicators can mean you are going to turn. I'd hate to be about to make a right turn and have someone try to overtake me. Could get messy.
  13. Do something that indicates they can pass. And make it easy for them to do so.
  14. There is no 'signal' and assuming someone understands what you mean by sticking your leg out (!) is as dumb as assuming someone won't pull out on you because you have right of way.

    Just hold your line, if the other rider is as good as he thinks he is, he'll go round you.
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  15. Hand flick and slow down. I like trailing people that are faster as it reduces the risk of kangaroo jumping out and encounters with the pigs. Why make it hard for someone to pass when you benefit.
  16. I don't know why you would do it in such a situation that your follower would think you are turning. If there is an intersection I wouldn't wave anyone through anyway.
    I personally got taught to indicate left while being positioned in the left side of my lane, in order to let people pass on the right (and maybe slowing down if there's not much space).
  17. Couple of flashes of the indicator is the signal in truck and car land, but don't leave it on for ages, they'll think your turning soon, that could be the messy part.
  18. How many times have you seen a bike go 2 or 3 kays with their indicator on?

    This signal talk is nuts

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  19. If someone wants to pass me-they can sort it out themselves.
    I'm going as hard as I can and wont be moving off line.
  20. I also signal with the right foot.

    I'm sure that the big boys would have no trouble actually passing me, but many are polite enough to wait until you signal that you have seen them and that it's a good time.

    I don't have to worry about cars passing me, and if there was an idiot approaching from behind driving very fast I'd pull over and get as far out of the way as reasonable. I don't trust them to pass me as closely as a bike.