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VIC Sign of things to come, or just a bad day?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by minglis, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Just an FYI. Vicpole have been advertising a massive blitz starting now across Victoria in an effort to keep the road toll down. Well, my BiL just got pulled over and given a TIN for the following 2 things:

    - tinted visor
    - broken number plate bracket

    6 points and $450

    I'm not sure if he just got a particularly nasty copper, slept with the coppers wife, or it's a sign of what may become common over this blitz period. Just wanted to give a warning.
  2. Is your brother the type that would severely fail the attitude test?
  3. Yep, tinted visor and broken numberplate bracket. Big focus on keeping the road toll down!
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  4. I wouldn't have thought so, but I haven't had a chance to talk with him about it to find out. He's generally a pretty quiet guy.

    Either way, I really think this "attitude test" stuff is ridiculous. Should you be polite? Of course you should. But, that's because decent human beings should be polite (until it's time to NOT be polite)... but having some prick be able to ruin you life because you didn't brown nose him to his liking is just bullshit IMO.

    Anyway, I think that there is a fundamental issue with the punishment category for a tinted visor.
    First, it shouldn't be illegal
    Second, if it is to remain so, it should NOT hold the same penalty as not wearing a helmet at all.
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  5. The way I would imagine something like this happening would be the copper would TIN one of the offenses. Your BiL arcs up about it and says some things he shouldn't and the copper throws on the second TIN because he can.

    Either way it's seriously fcuked up to get either of those tickets and I'd struggle to pass the attitude test too.
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  6. Agreed! TOTAL BS!!

    Not real sure of the difference between a tinted visor & wearing sunnies??
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  7. If they are to blitz on those items id recon, they should prioritize on the dozen of cars with burnt out tailights I see every time I commute to/from work.

    I can see brake/tailights lights even if I have a tinted visor on. But I cant see them if they aren't there to begin with...
  8. what's wrong with having a tinted visor? was it during night?
  9. They do not have the standards approval stamp on them.....
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  10. No. During the day. Tinted visors are not certified.
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  11. Just quietly I am hoping to get pulled up for tinted Visor, I have a clear visor with the standards mark with a PinLock photo chromatic insert fitted. So it tints in the light and goes clear at night, not sure our friends will know what to do about that.

    If I do I intend to use it as a test case on how stupid the whole helmet/visor standard in Aust is - I may of course need a lot of help :)
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  12. Didn't know that. What a load of shit.
  13. Gotta ask, wasn't a Harley was it? (probably not or there would have been a noise infraction as well).
    Learner/P's? Night time? Was it in one of the announced areas for special attention?
  14. GSXR 1000.
    Fully licensed (been riding for 20 years)
    On his way to work (lives in Dandenong, works in Carrum Downs. Not sure where it happened).
  15. I'm pretty sure I've seen vic rozzas with tinted visors... I'm assuming he wasn't pulled over by a motorbike cop?
  16. The AS sticker has fallen off all my visors after less than a year. If they ever do me for it I will be seriously upset.
  17. Even by Victorian standards, that seems a bit draconian....
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  18. Not sure. I'll try and find out. I do know of someone else who was done for a tinted visor by a bike cop though.

    I think the visors have the cert stamped into them don't they?
  19. If I recall correctly it should be actually stamped or etched into the visor have a look near the hinge, that is where it is on mine, bloody hard to read after 3 years but you can tell what it is.

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  20. IIRC tinted visors are illegal at night time. But as Smilee has reminded us, lack of a compliance sticker could be another issue.
    I must admit I had no idea that three points was attached to this offence. Perhaps it's time to retire my old hack helmet.

    Dandenong was among the areas announced for special attention in the VicPol press conference. It does look like one of those operations where everything and anything is being used to make a point.