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Sighting of stolen bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by djdante, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. February this year, I had two motorbikes stolen in the city on two consecutive nights. They were the only two motorbikes stolen from the city area over the whole weekend. Police of course did little by way of looking into it, because motorcycle theft is so hard to track and they have more pressing crimes to investigate, and my Insurance PI couldn't turn up any more info either. The bikes were a stock 2004 CBR1000 and a custom-coloured 1998 ZX9R.

    I assumed that I had seen the last of my bikes, from what I understood most of the time they're used for parts/racing etc. However, this thursday I was walking down to Darling Harbour in Sydney, and what do I see, but my ZX9R pass me by, I was so stunned I couldn't believe my eyes! The problem was that I didn't manage to catch the number plate.

    I'm assuming that whoever stole the bike wouldn't be stupid enough to ride it around themselves, so I'm guessing they reberthed it and sold it onto someone else. I'm just calling out to anyone who might see this bike around or even better know who purchased/sold it. All I would need is the plate no. and I could go to the cops with it.

    Here are two photos for identification.

  2. Can I ask a really dumb question here? What type of locking devices did you use?
  3. Just the wheel lock.
  4. Thats all I use too. Makes you wonder how they got your bikes? Flat bed and winch maybe?
  5. Well, I don't know what the norm is, but when my CBR1000 was stolen, it looked like it had been dropped while picking it up and loading it into something, becase there was a piece of my footpeg lying on the ground where my bike had been.

    I know that some people swear by using a chain to secure the bike to a stationary object, but then a) that's not always feasible with a daily rider, and b) if you are organised well enough with friends and a truck for motorcycle theft, wouldn't you consider taking a bolt cutter with you?

    For my next bike, I plan on putting a GPS device on it, so if it gets stolen, police can immediately track down the f@#$rs and get my baby back.
  6. Or so you can get to them before the cops do.... :blackeye:
  7. All they do is they have a group of 4 blokes, two lengths of steel pipe. Put it through the wheels and the 4 of them pick it up and on the tray.. :shock:
  8. A skateboard is less elaborate ;)
  9. And what he said.. :grin:
  10. If they aren't busy writting out tickets and raising revenue for the state and if they can be bothered.
  11. I assume you have contacted teh local police with news of sighting your bike?

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. sadly they can do it with 2 people :(, if i ever see someone stealing a bike when i'm walking around the city, people are gona be put in hospital, sorry for your lost bike, i'm driving down to Sydney this weekend with my mates, if i see it around i'll make sure to call the cops
  13. Yeah, I've notified police, but again not much response. Except to say that it's been noted and they'll keep an eye out.

    I have respect for the cops, but sometimes things happen that I just don't understand.. My friend's bike got loaded onto a truck at a service station, the guys were caught on video tape, AND my mate identified one of them, and still nothing was done.. I believe they were wanting to nail the guy for a lot more than motorcycle theft, but how is that fair?
  14. God damn that sucks, amazing that you saw it though!
    I'm in Sydney for 3 weeks for APEC so I'll definitely keep an eye or two out :shock:
  15. How do you know nothing is being done? You work in the next office to em?

    & if arrest is being delayed because of investigation into something more
    serious then I don't see how you can see that as being unfair. [​IMG]

    The question is how is it NOT fair if they are wanting to get them for more
    than theft?
  16. Because my friend never got his insurance money and is up the creek as a result. The police could quite easily have retrieved his bike, I understand why they are not making any moves and in the big picture, of course its better to put a drug dearler or murderer or god knows what he was behind bars for many many years rather than a couple of months for motorcycle theft, but surely you can see the injustice that my friend has to have his life turned upside down because of it.
    Were it me, unfortunately I would have had trouble not taking the law into my own hands out of principal, then they'd end up calling me a criminal!

    Anyway I guess that's off topic. In my own case, I was told by police directly that there wasn't much they could do, so the assumption is that not much is being done ;) I'm assuming they know through experience how easy it is to make a stolen bike disappear, and their resources could be put to more effective use elsewhere.
  17. Get legal advice - if you have positive ID try starting a civil action (and tell the cops about it). Sometimes that may be all you need - don't forget the proof required for that is less than a criminal case and you can go for serious damages as well for the inconvenience etc. It may also push the cops into getting off their arses.

    I've had 3 bikes stolen over the years - in no case were the cops really interested in doing anything about it. The worst was my CB450 Honda years ago - I was uncomfortable about a comment made by the dealer (long defunct) after I had a lot of work done on it - the front end had some serious work performed to get it handling well (for a 72 CB450 that is).

    I was living in South Yarra at the time and it was parked next ro my bedroom window - the steering was locked and there was a chain through the rear wheel and frame. In addition I put it in top gear and took off the gear lever - stops it being ridden away.

    I was woken up at 6am by the cops who'd found it round the corner in a car park- the frame was cut through with an oxy torch behind the steering head to remove the front end. The new battery was gone and the newly recovered seat. According to the cops there was a one-hour window between police patrols in that car-park. I letterboxed the local streets figuring someone must have seen a couple of blokes wiht an oxy-torch at 3 in the morning. The only response was from a bloke who'd had his bike stolen a month before offering me some sympathy.

    Strangely he'd had some major work done on his Triumph at the same place just before it happened. The cops never even checked out the workshop where it was done. I found out years later that the owner had a major criminal record - was involved with a well known patch club and was also the brother-in-law of a senior local cop! :evil:
  18. get an alarm installed on it. one of other riders neo_nick has one installed that he got from jaycar.
  19. UPDATE: Someone has told me that they saw the bike on Pyrmont Bridge Rd over the weekend.
  20. Should carry a disc-lock with you, dude. -So you can clamp it up & stop them buggering off if you see it parked somewhere and then call the cops.

    ... as long as you're positive it's yours.