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*sigh* Stalling/inconsistent idle/not starting reliably

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ad91on, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    The VFR has developed a few interesting issues in the last few days.

    1. It now decides when it will idle. I tried to video the problem but naturally it didn't occur when i wanted it to, only at every set of lights on the way home and every other time i've stopped today. Basically the way it has been idling is normal but with what seems like a misfire at a regular interval. This ranges in its intensity, starting at a mild pop to an complete engine cut-out. My theory is a fouled plug, but i'd like to have other peoples opinions before i start removing tanks.

    2. It won't start all the time. It's not a battery issue; what happens is that i'll do the above stalling thing then not start straight away afterwards. If it's in gear, i'll pull the clutch in hit the starter and nothing. I then turn the key on and off, play around with the gears going between neutral 1st and 2nd and then eventually between 10 seconds and a minute, it will decide to crank again.

    3. Occasionally when i hit the starter, the lights on the dash cut out for several seconds and come back on afterwards (this is after i have released the starter button; the lights stay black and come on after a few seconds). This also varies in it's intensity from a few seconds to over 15. It seems like a short, but it is a highly inconsistent one. Further, moving the bike back and forth seems to help the problem (while the engine is off obviously). This moving also helps problem number 2.

    I have had the stator rewound around a month ago and the issue is becoming more and more pronounced. Despite the battery obviously being charged (when it does crank it always cranks strong and consistently and starts with no hassle) leaving it on trickle charge overnight seems to temporarily alleviate the problem.



    I have no money ATM so can't take it in anywhere. I'm hoping for an easy fix; if not, i think i might just sell the bike (along with the Across) and buy a DR650 or DRZ400 which i think is looking like a good option :p

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Does it have a side stand switch? Try jumpering the connector. Don't know about the dash lights.
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  3. did you see recently a thread on a vtr dying due to switch problem? just wondering if it could be similar, the moving the bike back forth doesnt jell tho.
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  4. Those symptoms are pointing towards a bad connection somewhere, mainly an earth ??
    Or even a crook battery ?
    Get the battery load tested and if ok then >>>>
    Starting at the battery and wiggling and tightening as you go, even to the point of undoing removing cleaning both the terminal and where it sits on the frame to make sure its a good connection etc.

    The reason I say this is the dimming of dash lights or nothing at all directly after the 'stall' or

    Another test you could do is while at idle start wiggling the wiring loom, and when it starts to back fire and or cut out you have narrowed it down to which section is the problem.

    late thought , the good old Honda rec/reg is on its way out, why was the stator rewound ?
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  5. Have a look at the wiring at the back of the dials or even at the ignition barrel for any signs of wear/corrosion/damaged wires. It seems like a wire has come loose and is causing a little bit of havoc, by swaying the bike side to side you may actually cause a loose wire to temporarily gain connection. Have a squiz at the main fuse wiring...pull the fuse out and inspect it. Also, have a look at the CDI unit for any signs of damage...if you can get your hands on a spare CDI unit, plug it in and see how that goes.

    If you need more information, I suggest you go to http://www.400greybike.com/forum/index.php, they have a heap of information on electronic gremlins on the VFR and other issues.

    Starting issues in the morning could also be valve clearance issues. Might need them checked if you haven't done so before.

    The only other thing I can think of which is rare, is that the battery is sort of dying. Dropping cells every now and then and thus losing power, but once you give it a shake, the cells reconnect and you get power again.

    EDIT: Not sure if it's the same on the NC24, but on the NC30, the earth cable connected to the frame sometimes comes loose due to vibrations. It's the one on the left hand side of the bike frame (when sitting on it) near where the subframe connects to the frame.
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  6. Just a thought,
    do you have to pull the clutch in to start it...?? have come across a few that have had the problem of the switchgear in the clutch housing, alternatively, have a look at your sidestand switch
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  7. Just to follow up...

    I looked at the wiring starting at the battery.


    I don't know how to say it but...

    The positive terminal was extremely loose.

    Tightening it solved the problem entirely.

    I'm a gumby.
  8. Well at least you solved the problem hahaha. Now have fun riding :D
  9. :grin: A reminder to us all, check the simple things first.
  10. =D>
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