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*sigh* Nice job but I still am unfit for work! :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Just sussing out out jobs that I'm qualified as for and saw this nice little gem.

    I reckon I might romp that in if I could apply but going from last week, I passed out from pain from "being stationary" whilst sitting at a desk doing a "Dreamweaver-HTML" course to see if I was able to do 9-5 again and nup, still too painful for me so nice jobs like this I have to just watch fly by while I wait for stuff to "fix up" :?

    If anyone else knows their linux stuff and wants a job, look on job sites "Linux" brings up a good 4-5 pages at least when I checked this time last year after initially losing my job, it was 1-2 pages at most.


    Linux in Melbourne brings up 127 jobs and Linux in ACT brings up 11, Hmm, I thought ACT was taking right off as being an "easy" place to find IT related, maybe linux just isn't right keyword but I cbf looking in greater detail, I'm still unfit, no use seeing more jobs I'm able to do under normal conditions to shit me seeing when I can't do them at present. Yeah yeah, smallest violin icon and all that ;)

  2. I don't know anything about Linux, but I'll be bloody good at pretending; for $491/day :)
  3. Hmm, maybe I'll go in with my resume, romp in the "techie" side of things/questions and you can go in for me. I'll give you my contact if you need help ;) I'll take 40% cash in hand for helping you :cool:
  4. Five hundred shmackers a day? Dayam.... sounds like a contract though :( Can you please PM me a linky Waz?
  5. That sounds cool, I'II do it! We can get a high tech ear piece like Mission Impossible and you can just guide me through the whole day :grin: I may be in trouble if you pass out somewhere and stop my instructions though :LOL:
  6. Ouch $491 a day for a DB [-X

    Someone getting a big slice out of that.

    I get most of these guys in for around $750 a day (if you have the goods).

    Also if there any good project managers (IT) out there let me know
  7. What do you need?
  8. Agreed. Maybe they are banking on the "security" of the 12 month gig. Still, you should be able to get a fair bit more than that...
  9. Hello
  10. OK so how do I become a project manager or Linux expert?
  11. Employment consultants, promise a lot....