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Sigh I Read Arrowmax =[

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Khlarton, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Got my VTR250 from the dealer and im in love with it, but they put new tyres on it for me before I even bought it and what did they put on other then ARROWMAX :cry:

    Im thinking I am going to change them just out of piece of mind.

    Any suggestions?
  2. See how they go.

    Had some arrowmax's on my bike, lasted 15k's and seemed ok.
  3. If you've got a few hundred bucks around, get rid of them and get on Bridgestone. You might be able to sell them.
  4. Im in a similar situation, when i bought my bike it had a shinko on the front and arrowmax on the back (which was almost new). now the front is getting very low <0.5 mm above twi and i am looking to change.

    I am looking for a tyre that will last over 10000 k's, but mainly used for recreational with the occasional commute to city (2 or 3 a week). I was looking at michelin pilot activ's but distributor is out and doesnt know when his next shipment will be. Any ideas? Keep in mind I am only on a 250, so dont really need Pilot Road 2 or anything special like that.
  5. as some of you know arrowmax's killed my mother and raped my father.

    i shall never forgive them or dunlop....unless i get a cruiser. since they don't have and grip...they don't wear
  6. Smoke up the back until it can smoke no more, then take them both off & set fire to them. Then, go & get some Bridgestones :wink:
  7. Conti Road attacks
  8. Do they make those in 2fiddly sizes Mal? I had a conti force on the back of the 9 for a while that steered OK even if it wasn't much for grippin'... And Contis are cheap... But then, all the weenybike tyres are cheap, f*ckit, I'd go bridgestones.
  9. for all but the most hardened of VTR250 riders - Bridgestone Battlax BT045's :cool:

    great tyre, dual compound, so whilst decent grip on the sides, durability in the middle to last those freeway kilometres.

    good grip in the wet and the dry. try 36psi at the rear, 34 at the front.

    i think i got about 16,000km off my last set. only once did they give me a scare, but then i was pushing hard on the very edge of the tyres, i really should have had GPRa10's on then. if you can afford a new rear every 5000km, get Dunlop GRPRa10s!!
  10. I've got them on my SR now. Seem good.

    Crap in the snow though.
  11. yeah im yet to test them in snow :LOL:

    they do alright on dirt/gravel though
  12. can anyone comment on metzeler's? i got recommended either sportecM3's or Lasertec's
    Thanks for any help
  13. Heard fantastic things about Lasertecs...
  14. could you elaborate? thanks
  15. Any real reccomendations, I got a few hundred for my life any day
  16. Sure, Andrew, Ron and Phil said they were great.

    I dunno why people are so scared of Arrowmax's. They aren't a super sticky race tyre but good for clocking up a fair few k's on the cheap. Might be very different on larger wheels, but a coworker of mine, a mechanic, seems to really like the things on his old CBR600...
  17. I've got the Arrowmax tyres on my bike, and to be honest I shouldn't really complain. I put a new one on the back when I got the bike and so far I've put 11,000km on it and there's plenty of tread left. They aren't great in the wet, but not bad either. In the dry they seem to offer good grip. If there is one thing I could complain about is it's too easy to lock the rear wheel up under braking, but that probably says more about the way I use the rear brake than the tyres themselves :LOL:
  18. I had old hard arrowmaxes on my bike, they were trash.....I wouldn't put an arrowmax on a wheelbarrow.

    My current tyres (gpr-10s) have more grip in the wet than the arrowmaxes had in the dry.

    however, if you are a gentle rider who does tonnes of kms (they wear very slowly, no grip, no wear :) ) and has brand new arrowmaxes which haven't cost you a cent, I suppose you could leave them on your bike.

    It still spins me out how many learners I see on cbr250s (ie have spent close to top dollar on "the fastest 250", usually wear expensive leather jackets etc) who then proceed to "save" money by throwing arrowmaxes on their bike......hell the other day I saw a cbr250 with a rear arrowmax worn down to the canvas...why would you do it ?!? :shock:

    The only people who like arrowmaxes are those that haven't tried another tyre on the same bike, ride so gently they wouldn't notice the difference in grip or rack up huge kms and use them purely for economic reasons.

    Tyres are the very cheapest handling upgrade you can make....worth every penny....every extra bit of grip is a little more insurance if the s%&t goes down and you need to brake/swerve or take some kind of evasive maneuver.
  19. Ordered the lasertec's. should be in early next week