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Sigh...Here we go again

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. So they've once again exhumed and dusted off the warm corpse that is Gretel Killeen and roped in your token assortment of idiots, bimbos, show-boaters and no doubt one or two more than effiminate men that is Big Brother so they can annoy the shit out of, what seems, the shrinking minority of people that arn't enthralled with such mind-rotting tripe.

    I honestly thought that after the shitstorm last year we would've seen the last of it. Evidently my fervent and feverish prayers to the Great Salamander Jesus weren't enough to get this rubbish canned. Then again we can expect nothing less of Channel Ten. Provide welcome, copious amounts of Simpsons they may do but that does not redeem them from such shit as the aforementioned Big Brother, that Pussy Cat Dolls thing or Celebrity fcuking Dog School.

    But hell, if Ten didn't do it one of the other commercial stations would buy the license and peddle the same shit.

    Seriously, we have an insider at Channel Ten...stop doing your job so well!
  2. Did you see their cheap shot on the sports news tonight, sniping at Channel Seven for shortening the last Supercar Race at Pukokoe to fit in with the AFL telecast??? I laughed!!!
  3. Yeah - thanks Mr Channel 10...thanks for nothing. :mad:
  4. they need to stick some netriders in the house. Thatd shake the joint up!
  5. we should run our own big brother session, mock up a house and fill it with Netriders :p
  6. and Vic's volunteering HIS place as the house!!
  7. I think I have nothing further to add for once, teh first post summed it up perfectly.
    Gretel Kileen does appeal to the target audience though...have a think about her appearance and her manner of speech. Bogggaan!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. i heard they chucked a couple of NADS types in there for shits & giggles.
    one with a personality dissorder, and one with OCD.....

    i'm 50% "those exploiting bastards!!"
    and 50% "ooooh, i hope one snaps, and ruins the show!"


    i am qualified to tease this minority :p
  9. nah, Eden trip !
    i'm documenting the entire ride. :eek:
    You reckon i have skills with a digital still camera . . . . .
    lol, wait for my video skills ! :p
  10. For the first time in *years*, I've actually just sat through the first night of Big Brother. As far as Gretel's secrets go, apparently there's two relationships in the house this year and I'd like to say it out loud after seeing tonight's show. It's my guess, but I wanted to say it out loud so I can hopefully gloat later on down the track *laugh*

    The Mormon chick is one of the people in one of the relationships, I'm sure of it. Our collective household guess is that she was the girlfriend of the basketballer who claims he broke it off with his girlfriend not to go back with his wife, but because "*hesitates* it wasn't gonna work out". So, there it is. That's our household guess. She's in one of the relationships, and if she is, she'll be the ex girlfriend of the married basketballer guy :p

    I'm appalled that I even care enough to post a guess about what's gonna happen *sigh*
  11. Screw you all.

    Match my 70K P/A and give me free shit and I'll gladly bring this place down.

    The more drunken models grope each other the more my stock goes up...those that are choosen are choosen for a reason....
  12. match your 70K P/A? As in that's what you get paid? :p sucks to be you buddy *laugh*

    I used to work on the Big Brother site at my old job and I gotta say, it's nice not to have to shit my pants over the SLAs for the first night of Big Brother :twisted: *sits back and twiddles thumbs while the Big Brother site is down* *laugh*
  13. We have much to talk and laugh about, you and I.
  14. Killem all,let god sort em out.
    I said it before and I will say it again-I would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than watch that vacuous sh*t
  15. I bet we do *grin*

    The BB site is still down and I'm still grinning :twisted:

    Oh how I love my new job :D
  16. pffft, i wouldnt even get out of bed for 70k :p :p :p :bolt:
  17. Maybe this year they'll put them all in the house, lock fcuking Grettle in there too and shoot the bloody lot of them. :)
  18. talking about housemates, does anyone watch the show Level 3 on channel 31 for those in melbourne. can't remember what day it plays but one of the host of the show is jamie. for the last couple of shows the other host jason has been doing it himself and keeps mentioning it that jamie is away. and now he has popped up in the house
  19. My super is what ever falls out of the snack machines when I rock them
  20. Now there's a quality saying I havent heard for a while... and all too appropriate for Big Brother.

    however, i do have to admit I like the SBS cartoon parody "Drawn Together". That show is very funny.