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**sigh** another one(man) bites the dust

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chicken78, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. :nopity: The question I put forward, is it just me picking the wrong blokes because they seem to have HUGE issues with me/girls in general a) riding a bike and b) heading out for a ride with others that ride....My solution put forward...lets get you on a motorbike so you can come too? That was shutdown with....I dont want you riding the motorbike at all anymore....Grrrrr

    Hence another one bit the dust...

    Am I being selfish for continuing riding? I love it <3 and refuse to give up something that I enjoy ... ](*,)

  2. find yourself a man that rides - easy solution
  3. Katie, no one would ever stop me riding no matter what they say, I love it too much. I ride by myself and choose my own route, if any riders come up fast behind I just pull over and let them go. My hubby has stopped riding but I cant, its too addictive. :) I've never had issues with guys who ride but then again I just ride alone, thats exactly the way I like it. May be a different issue if I rode in a group though, because I just cruise along at my own pace.
  4. lots of melbourne bachelors who ride are on netrider - HINT HINT ( go meet some of them )
  5. I love the freedom, and the people you meet along the way, everyone Ive met have been great unlike any other group I know...Im currently riding a little hyo(no laughing ;) it will be a yamaha shortly ;) ) and riding the putty rd, nsw while on holiday and fueling up...a big burly harly rider just walked up and started chatting was great........

    Time to get out in melbourne and meet some new riders :D
  6. Are you hot?
    Goz wants to know.:D
  7. Stop going out with cavemen. I know most women (including many who should know better) prefer them and I know this is Australia where alternatives are hard to find (and then still turn out to be cavemen under a thin veneer of progressiveness) but it might be possible if you try.
  8. #9 chicken78, Jun 22, 2011
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    Yup its that thin layer, or initial warranty period you have to get through before the caveman appears..but...definitly trying :D

  9. yeah, defo get a rider... and stand your ground.

    forgot to really hit it home, but goz really does want to know if you're hot... and have teh big b00bies :angel:
  10. i've never found a guy that wasn't happy that i rode! ;)

    how about we find you a man, huh? post up a pic, and all the guys who like you can go on dates with you.

    and yes, definitely your next man has to ride! then you can go riding with him and he'll understand when you go alone also!
  11. Screw that, I had an ex who wanted me to give up a different passion of mine and that didn't last long.

    My girlfriend now encourages me to go on rides etc, as she knows its something I love. She says stuff like, "are you gonna go for a ride today so I can go shopping?"

    If they want to change you or give up something you love doing - dealbreaker. He clearly wasn't worth it.
  12. Speaking for myself (in my "dating" days):
    Criteria 1 was she rode or AT THE LEAST liked bikes as a pillion... NOT negotiable.
    Criteria 2 was she was an independant woman and there thought for herself, and did things on her own.
  13. Is this a motorcycle forum or did I get redirected to the woman's day website?

    The title made me think someone had crashed and gotten some cool pictures too.
  14. Yep never change who you are...

    Hmm, my mind is playing with words right now....

    You love this about me that does this...
    You don't like that about me that does that...
    And you want me to change that about me that does that...
    But you always knew that I'm this and that..
    How about you FO and stay over there..

    I'd say either he grows up or best you upgrade....:p
  15. Katie, my partner (female - no cheek from the peanut gallery) and I found each other through riding, and it is one of the activities we continue to enjoy together. She was new to Melbourne and just posted on another forum looking for someone to ride with. I made the best offer; a ride to broadford to watch a friend race, via the twisty, interesting route. :)

    Anyway, it is a numbers game. Put it out there a bit more: You are 33 and you look trim on your facebook photo, if that is you on the bike. Your sister looks hot, so I'm sure you do. Loosen up your facebook security settings a bit more and post more pictures of yourself! Then don't hook up with the first jerk that makes an offer. You'll be spoiled for choice in no time.

    Oh, and make sure that the veneer is a little thicker than in the past.

    Good luck!
  16. can I get a intro to the sister ? :-s
  17. Katie and Samantha have just had an influx of Facebook friend requests. :D
  18. Its it is my blood, My great grand farther road a bike in ww1 my pa road a bike my dad rides bikes. My uncle rides bikes and my step mum rides bikes one of my sisters rides trail bikes and my brother rides trail bikes as well, and then there is me. So I can’t help it that it’s in my blood and am addicted to riding, its in my jeans so people will have to live with it. :)
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