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Sigh.. Add me to the statistics....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I've broken the beast... :cry:

    (rest plagarised from PM to Sher and Zeus, who, using there cranial bits, didn't come along)

    The road was that "horrible slippery after a bit of rain" condition, but promised to dry out.

    I was leading a group of visiting sydney siders sedately (bout 90 kph) towards cygnet (the channel loop) when the back stepped out suddenly, followed by the front, followed by a big slide.

    A couple of others reckon their bikes slid a bit thru there as well, but the skinny tyres and 16" front meant I had no hope.

    Bike hit the bank and broke most of the right side fairing and my brand new screen, and the replacement footpeg I'd only just found (in NZ) is broken. I slid for about 50 metres, escaped with only a scratched arm and a bit of a bruised right hip. See how I feel tomorrow. Motodry jacket is knackerred, but it did the job, Draggin jeans are barely scratched.

    Bikes 19-20 years old, so parts are hard to get, might become a "track bike"

    Ahh well, these things happen.

  2. Ah shite... main thing is you are still here to tell the story. hope you can sort out the bike bit and be back out there quick as..
  3. Bugger mate, what a PITA.

    Glad to hear you didn't come away with any serious injuries.
  4. Dam, not another netrider down :eek: :shock:

    Shit.. least nothing worse happened to ya mate.
    bummer about the bike tho..

    Was that your only ride?
  5. there we are, that's the third in three days... I feel your pain... i did a similar slide into the back of a car :shock:
  6. Thanks guys
    Yes Kishy, it's my only ride, it back to shopping trolleys for a while :?

    Could have been a LOT worse, last weekend I was doing higher speeds, and further from home. Even worse the daughter was going to come for a pillion, but decided not to at the last minute. Wouldn't forgive myself if she got hurt.

    I can get hold of a few bikes, but none goers... so not much point eh.

    I'll chase up bits, but I doubt I'll find many, the frame, engine and wheels look ok (havent checked wheel buckle yet) but the body work will be a biatch.
    be a good base for a "street fighter" except for the anorexic wheels.

    Better check out the papers again.

  7. Not good, not good at all.
  8. Come on old fella. Good you and crew ok.

    Was that the bike you just got recently?

    What do you reckon it was ? Oil?

  9. Yes, it was the recently purchased beast. But at $2,500 it's not much financial damage (if I wasn't so bleedin broke)

    I have no idea what caused it, I wish I did, then I could learn something from it. The others following claim the corner was slippery, but nothing visible. Plus the back tyre is only 3-4000k's old.

    looking back over the road when I took the trailer down to pick up the bike, you could see some oil puddles, and the typical tassie badly built road that allows water to seep onto the surface from cracks in the bitumen. But nothing worse than "normal"


    But I wil tell ya that I'm trying out for next winter olympics in the "luge"
    What a buzz!!!

  10. Ahhhhh, shite

    Good to hear you're ok though...
    Postie? :cool: :)
  11. Iffracem good to hear that you are okay, sorry to hear about the poor bike and hope it won't be too hard to source some replacement parts.
  12. Thanks 748girl, either bits, or another old clunker to fiddle with :wink:

    Now a postie bike... mmm wonder how long it's take a postie bike to haul my fat arse up the southern outlet?

  13. Yeah, streetfighter it mate.... Real men ride NAKED baby YEAH!
  14. hehe.. :LOL:
  15. Bugger. :( Glad you're alright though. :)
  16. Jeez, JJ, what a double bummer. You're only just getting used to it, and now it's damaged.

    I'm happy that you're ok, of course, and if you want to post a complete list of bits you'll need, I'll see what I can rustle up in the biggest city in Australia.....
  17. Glad to hear you're ok JJ.

    Its been raining here on and off for pretty much for 2 straight days. Driving into town this morning I followed a trail of oil "flowers" most of the way in. Not good for riders out there today.

    I wish it would stop raining :cry:
  18. aw thats too bad :( glad to hear you are ok, but sucks especially about the new fairing :(
  19. Sorry to hear Iffracem, glad you are reasonably OK though.

    I know one of the bike sites have the ability to email all wreckers on their list and if any of them have the parts you're after they will get back to you. I can't remember if it was bikepoint.com.au or bikesales.com.au.

    I'll have a quick look and see if I can find a link for you.
  20. hey man. glad to hear you are okay. bugger about the bike, but they can be replaced.

    were you heading down through oyster cove road? cause that road is nasty at the best of times..

    as for a postie up the outlet.. i dont think a postie would be able to pull an anorexic ethopian up the outlet man.. it would have much chance unless it was turboed of course... :twisted: :twisted: