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Sidi Vertigo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by something_wild, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Soon to get my hands on some Sidi Vertigo boots, second hand (almost new) for a rippa price. Sold my A* smx5 boots recently mainly because they were my first pair of boots, and I was just over them.
    Only heard good things about Sidi, and love the fact that you can replace almost every part of the boot, so definitely going ahead with the purchase, but just hoping to hear some feedback from other Sidi owners :)

  2. I own a pair of SIDI Vertigo Air, purchased from Sportsbiketrackgear (gave them two plugs on Netrider; one / two - and another one in this thread :p).

    Retail price here in Australia was $549 at Sydney City Motorcycles, but I ended up purchasing from STG for $300 (and got visor as well) and got them shipped to here.

    The boots are perfect, I've been using them every day since I've got them and I would probably get another updated pair when that the time comes to get new ones but for now there great, they feel great (very good on the feet when walking around), look good (imo), easy to use, I haven't had to battle test them in a crash scenario yet but from reviews they seem to hold up fairly well but obviously every scenario is different but I have confidence that they'll go alright.

    It's got minimal wear on the bottom, a bit on the very back of the heel of my right boot, and just the tags have been getting shredded a bit because they often get caught in the zip or velcro I'm guessing. Toe sliders don't get much use yet as well ;)



  3. They are made well.
    Bought mine cheap from USA.
    On the minus side they are a little shorter than my A stars and are crap in the wet.
    Still use both.
    All in all a good boot. I'd buy again,

  4. I bought a pair of the Vertigo rain version. Quality wise they feel like they are in a different league to Alpinestars. They seem to have more features and the boots really do keep water out.
  5. What type of Sidi boots did you get?
  6. Cool pics parker, sounds like I'm buying right.
    Regarding the price, I would always buy online from the states if I was buying new, but these popped up local and in my size in top nick....for $180! :D
    Should be picking them up tomorrow, will report back with a bit of feedback after a couple of rides..

  7. if sucessive generations rode motorcycles for a thousand years
    the offspring would eventually be born with feet exactly like sidi vertigo air, through evolution.

    mine are old. hopefully they still make them as good today. superb craftmanship.
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  8. Think Vertigo? Had the dial on the back to tighten the shin bit.
  9. Picked them up yesterday, rode home in them (with my runners in a back pack lol).
    Instantly loved them, plenty of support without being restrictive, light and comfy. Had a very close inspection when I got home and although scuffed here and there, I'd give them a solid 8/10 far as second hand condition goes. And if the scuffs really annoy me (I'm pretty fussy), I can always unscrew that part and replace it :D

    Sidi boots FTW!
    Some day I'd like a pair of Vortice....but the $500+ US pricetag is delaying this purchase......for now ;)
  10. I have had a pair of Sidi Vertigo Corsa for about 5 years now, they are great boots. I have worn them in all weather conditions and never had a problem. The soles are starting to get a little bit worn where they are in contact with the footpegs, otherwise they are still in excellent condition.
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