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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ruski, May 14, 2011.

  1. first of all, sorry if this is rambling, my head is on a little crooked and I just wanted to get this out.
    second, :nopity:

    with that out of the way:
    This afternoon I was heading home from Box Hill South up Station street, I was in the left lane (of 2) and there was sporadic parked cars which I was skimming (plenty of room to not have to change lanes). Came past a group of 3 parked cars then about a car length and a half past them a 4wd from the next lane pulled into my lane abruptly (no signal)—and more importantly—into me. I went down like a sack of shit. My handlebar hit his car in front of the side mirror. After I bounced off the car my rear tyre shot out left, bike went down RHS first and slid tyres first. I got thrown, landed right shin and right shoulder on the footpath and rolled. Was travelling about 25–30km/h.

    By the time I stood up there was 6 or 7 people around me, another 5 or so within a minute. Never heard "are you alright mate" so many times haha. A few guys helped get my bike up the gutter and hit the killswitch for me because I couldn't figure it out, I was a bit scattered.

    Damage to bike:
    Right footpeg aiming the wrong way, mirror stalk sheered off, bikini fairing cracked and bent, fuel tank dinted, top box scratched up, triple clamps/forks not straight, brake lever snapped, right hand bar end weight bent to all hell. Instrument cluster is flapping around. Exhaust is bent out of shape. Radiator is touching the exhaust headers (I don't know if it was like that before). scratches on most plastics on RHS of bike.

    damage to me:
    pretty much none
    I was wearing RJs tour something boots, draggin jeans, leather jacket and a snowboarding jacket over the top, and some RST race style gloves. I have a little skin missing from where I evidently shin kicked the kerb, bruised leg and sore shoulder. All the gear did it's job, and a youth misspent skateboarding has taught me how to take a fall (keep your wrists in!).

    I've already lodged a claim with Swann, hoping everything goes smoothly.

    my takeaway:
    it happened so damn quickly. So. damn. quickly.
    I think I got out lucky, my bike weighs 250kgs and I'm glad it didn't end up on top of me. The driver was not apologetic, he didn't think he was in the wrong. I'll let the insurance companies decide that.
    Shit happens, but in the end I got up and walked away, so it isn't too bad.

    be vigilant out there people, ride safe.
  2. FARK bad luck ruski. How someone can swerve into a lane without indicating and crunch a motorcyclist and still think they are not in the wrong.... I guess cops attended? Witnesses made statements?
  3. shit that sucks dude.
    i had something very similar last year, minus the crash. though i was still beside the last parked car when the idiot pulled over. i still don't know how she didn't clip my bar and send me on my ass.
    i've found no car driver ever thinks they did wrong. something about driving being a right, not a privilege

    good luck with it all bud
  4. Ouch! I'm glad that you are ok. Pity about the bike. I went for a 50-60 kms ride as well today afternoon and there were was a lot of traffic on the road and that means a lot of weekend drivers as well, chatting, smoking, eating, talking and texting on the phones.

    Saw some idiots as well, changing lanes without indicating etc but what happened to you can happen to anyone.

    Hope the sore parts get better soon and you are back on your bike pronto as well.

    Take care!
  5. I'm about 90% sure U got sideswiped on wednesday otw to uni. In the left lane here going straight (it's a shared bicycle lane before anyone says it, and I always take that lane because cars going the other way cut the corner, and the surface on that intersection isn't racetrack quality) when the knob in the audi next to me decided he wanted to apex that 20 degree turn. Somehow kept it up even though I think i locked front and back at one point.

    Gave him a piece of my mind when he stopped at the next lights, refused to get out, but he shouted something to the effect of "it's your fault" then pointed at the bike.

    Apparently our choice in transport absolves our rights as humans. I pulled over a couple of streets later to write down his number plate. Was looking for it this afternoon but couldn't find it. You win some you lose some, at least you got to walk away. I wouldn't be too pleased if they kept my excess from me after something like what you'd had.
  6. That's what you get for coming on to my turf unannounced. Related and not far from there: coming back from Wiseman's I turned off of Parra Rd in Burwood to take backstreets to my place. Going up Shaftesbury Rd towards the Westfield there is a queue in the left lane while the lights are green. There is no one in the right lane and I'm crusing up relatively slowly, maybe 35 km/h max. Green P plater in a golf suddenly pull out, without indicating and from a stop. I get hard on the brakes and end up just next to his door as he is on a 45 degree angle. Then the prick has the nerve to ask "what the **** are you doing?" I just said "****ing indicate." and then filtered away.
  7. I had a guy in an uninsured van pull across TWO lanes and railroad me into the kerb back in November.....

    Of course I was in the car, which rather damages the theory that such things only happen to us riders.

    Sorry to hear you joined the statistics :(.

    (You didn't post what speed you were doing relative to the rest of the traffic :?)
  8. Oh, not good, mate.

    hope you heal quickly and get out there soon.

    Let me know if you need anything.
  9. thanks guys,
    makes me feel better for some reason hearing others' tales of woe.
    When I got up this morning my leg felt a lot better but my shoulder is sore as all hell. A quick look over my bike shows slightly less damage than I thought too, and the radiator is ****ed haha, not even a rectangle anymore. Who would have thought the big ol' Bandit could be so hardy.

    no cops, no witnesses (well, there was plenty of witnesses but none hung around. The ones who did didn't see, they heard and came over—the accident was next to a big carpark.) And wouldn't you know it, the 2 guys who hung around were motorcyclists.

    Hornet, that blows—same thing happened to my sister a few years back when she was on P plates. except that it was a Medium Rigid Truck that took a corner too wide.

    I knew I would have left some details out, sorry:
    Traffic in the right lane was slowing for lights (~15km/h) and left lane was clear on account of the parked cars I had just passed. The 4wd that pulled out was in the slowing queue but not at the back of it. I was going 10–15km/h faster than the other traffic, which is the most I feel comfortable with. I was at half the speed limit though, it could have been worse. There were more parked cars about 200m up the road though, I would have had to change lanes to get around those. (the lane gets narrower).

    Oh yeah, while we were exchanging details, his 4wd was still partially blocking the right lane. And I stress "partially". A cyclist rode past hurling abuse at "us ****ing idiots." Love it.

    In hindsight, should I have gotten the police involved? I know that I shouldn't have ridden the bike home but it was only 5kms and I just wanted to get out of there.
    I wasn't aggressive to the driver (shit happens eh) but kind of wish I was. I think my lack of anger helped his perception that it was my fault. Should have pushed for a written apology (proof of liability).

    I'm sorry I joined the statistics too, I just hope insurance sees in my favour so I don't add to the bad blood the TAC has towards us already. Look forward to having a safe bike again soon Doug, I'll be back at Saturday morning practice to work on my 'dodging things' skills.
  10. Glad to hear you walked away ok.

    I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago, but I was on a pushie and the driver didn't stop. Did a bit of damage to me, the bike and a pedestrian standing on the footpath when my bike went there, but nothing to serious.

    Probably would have been better to get the cops involved so insurance can have a police report saying what happened.
  11. Driver is an Ass, and having been one for many years in the past, unfortunately typical of these drivers nowadays.
    Glad you're insured or he would've stuffed you around completely.

    And you are more or less uninjured! Hooray for that. :)
  12. IIRC any accident where someone is hurt (in this case you), police are required to attend if contacted. Helps with witnesses and statements for later.

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  13. Problem is even though you're in the right (I think) you're the one that got hurt. Have to think like a driver sometimes. Along the lines of "If I go there he won't know I'm there and ..." If they don't see you, you are invisible.
  14. Yep, should have called the cops at the scene.

    Went and made a statement at the cop shop on Sunday, got a checkup on monday morning (potential torn rotor cuff in my right shoulder, hooray!). Everything else is just bruising.

    Now it's up to the insurance companies what happens to my bike etc. How long after an accident do they usually do an assessment? I'm not loving my girlfriend's old car (mmmm barina), but I am loving that there was a car readily available for me to borrow.

    That's the problem twistngo, it isn't the first time I've been in a situation like this. It's like I always say to my girlfriend, who likes to walk straight out onto zebra crossings—you have the right of way, but you can be dead and in the right.
  15. When we had the moron reverse into my wifes car a while abck the panel beater put us onto a law firm that specialises in this sort of crash.

    They're no win no fee and we ended up not even making a claim on our insurance (and got a hire car for the time it was getting repaired).

    I don't know if they do the same for bikes but the company was Express Legal. (I think based somewhere out Glen Waverly way). It could be worth talking to them.
  16. Thanks TonyE,
    I'm not big on legal action and that sort of thing (unless I get broken and need time off work).

    A week later: Shoulder is still sore but improving every day, leg just started to bruise up visibly.

    Just got the quote to fix my bike too, A little over $6k. Almost had a heart attack when I saw the quote, didn't think it was that bad. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be written off but I won't find out for a couple of days :(
  17. I now avoid riding in that 'no mans land' area between parked cars and the lane divider. Esp when the parked cars are no longer there and twats like that just pull into the left 'clean' lane ready to blast up the side. They arent looking in their mirrors "cos there's cars parked there"

    Sorry to hear of the off mate and hope you get your bike sorted sharpish.
    Not sure what the legal side is to be riding along parked cars.
  18. They're parked on YOUR road, not vice versa.
  19. I'm with Phoenix, the cars were parked in my lane rather than me travelling in the parked cars' lane. I'll certainly think twice before I do it again though, regardless of legality.

    My bike is getting fixed, and I get a new pipe instead of the stocker—carbon Yoshi r77 here I come :)

    Now the waiting game begins, hopefully <2 weeks.
  20. Yoshi pipe, nice! :D

    Saying that, I'd also avoid riding in lanes with parked cars. As bad as it is, you have to think like an idiot car driver I've found. An idiot car driver won't look for someone in that lane if they've just driven past a load of parked cars and would pull over without looking properly. Avoid just being in that position.