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sidecar racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pete777, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. hey does anybody know if sidecar racing on road tracks is still in excistence in NSW.
    secondly how would you go about applying to become a drag bike rider, or a sidecar rider..

  2. Yes, it exists.
  3. Side car racing does still happen but I'm not sure how big the fields are in NSW. Haven't coincided a meeting when they're on recently.

    I'd look up or google Motorcycling Australia and Motorcyling NSW as a place to start.

    If your still stuck, St George MCC are your next bet. They run the flat track at Nepean (yes I know it's dirt). Sidecars a plenty out there and you'd be able to have a chat for some advise.

    Good luck!

    Unrelated........see Rog, no links!
  4. I don't know who to contact in Sydney.
  5. Jan Blizzard.


    If she doesn't know, it can't be known.

    Short answer is that up until recently, and maybe still happening, there has been a NSW Sidecar Championship.
  6. Thanks Paul. Didn't know that Jan was still there.
  7. Last year, an Australian side car champion entered the NSW state titles. They only had one round for NSW. He was the only entrant and was rather shocked that he had won the title without having to compete.

    Fortunately side car racing is healthier in Victoria.
    NSW sidecar competitors race in Victoria.
    Each round of the Interclub and Victorian state titles (except PI) ensure there is a race for side cars. If you would like to participate please contact me.
  8. Sidecars in NSW

    Contact Dags @ Annandale-Liechhart racing club. They run introduction days @ Oran Park for sidecars. Or try Chivo, he'll be able to tell you who to talk to. Duncan
  9. A couple of years back, as I recall, our old mate Ray Spence made a comeback, built himself an outfit and so dominated the championship that many competitors gave up. But outfit racing was always healthier south of the border than north....
  10. Re: Sidecars in NSW

    Thanks SC55, but what do they actually do in NSW?
  11. thanx all will be making a few calls
  12. Just out of curiousity pete777, why drags or sidecars?
  13. :LOL: Points for being consistent.
  14. Why not.

    honestly i love the feeling of acceleration even tho i cant spell it. i dont think. i love big motors on bikes, they sound so good and to know that u have all that power underneath. thats y drags plus i think drag bikes look awesum. as for sidecars i think it would b a really exciting sport, goin around turns so close to the ground it would feel much quicker than what spped your actually doing. but ultimately i just wanna have a go at them both.
  15. Much safer than Lawn Bowls. All the best to ya, mate. Hope you go well.
  16. After many years of close observation, I have nothing but awe and admiration for those who ride sidecars. Anyone who thinks that a racing sidecar is just like a racing bike with one more wheel clearly hasn't seen them race.

    Good for your general riding skills too; Netrider 'Snapey' is a old swinger, and you need to be able to ride VERY WELL to even keep him in sight, and that's when he's on his 650 Suzuki single :LOL:.
  17. I did a season as a Swinger, years ago. It is harder than it looks. Much harder.
  18. Pete 777, Ron & Barb run the side car racing club in Victoria.
    Phone 0395788971. They are very nice people and I am sure will be pleased to discuss with you how to get a start in the sport.