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Sidecar Racers.... any here?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Caz V1, May 29, 2010.

  1. All of the boy's at work are into some sort of racing, whether it be dirt, road, modern or classic. I want to join in the mayhem and go racing too.
    I think I've decided I want to get into racing sidecars.
    One of the main reasons being that I don't want to really be in competition against them, I'd rather they be my pit crew, lol.

    I have lot's of questions that need answering before I can say for sure that this is gonna be "for me" However, I am keen to give it a bash.

    I'm hoping there are a few NR's out there, that are currently or have been in the past, involved with sidecar racing, who are prepared to give me a bit of their time to help me answer some of my questions.
    Please chime in and enlighten me ;-)
  2. My stepfather raced them, back in the old days.
  3. Good on you!
    The sidecar club run a come and try day at Broadford December 5th.
    There are quite a few female sidecar competitors
    Know of another lady who is going to give it a try out
    The contact details for the Side car club are on the Motorcycling Victoria Web site and I am sure they will answer all your questions!
  4. Thanks Sue, I'll check it out.
    Do you have many/any members at PMC that are into sidecars?
  5. yes, we do...Aussie champs, galzz, historics etc.
    Will send you some contact details to have a chat with.
    Most sidecar pax either join Preston or the Sidecar Club, but we are all friends!
  6. Hey Caz, I race a 3 wheeled jigger! The next race meet is a Hartwell club meet 19/20 June @ Broadford. Come along & have a look. Should be about 6 or so outfits there.
    I'm happy to chat about sidecars if you want to know anything about them.
  7. Are you going to be the crazy one riding the thing or the crazy one hanging off?

    I've had a go riding (driving?) a sidecar on the road & there's no way I would want to race one.

    Good luck with it!
  8. Good idea!
  9. I'm the smart one on the handlebars!(-: I'ts excellent fun. I've raced sidecars since 1990 in different classes & had various results & had a ball doing it. They are nothing like a road outfit to ride at all. It's very much a team effort, as cornering to the left depends on the passenger being in the right place at the right time, & you can't be scared!
  10. Trust him Caz....... take that trip to Broady & check the action out!