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VIC Sidecar Introduction Day 01/12/2012

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by sidecar55, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. It's on again! The Sidecar Racing Club of Victoria is holding the Introduction to Sidecar passengers at Broadford Motorsport complex on the road race circuit. Check out the SCRCV website to see what's required & to enter online. Lots of different classes of Sidecars will be there from Classic Nortons & Triumphs up to World Championship level LCR rocketships! don't miss out as there's a limit on numbers & it's filling fast.

  2. Awesome looking machines.
    I used to love Speedway Sidecars but not many tracks seem to run them now.
  3. Yeah, gotta love anything with a methanol burning GSXR lump and no brakes that only turns right :devil:.
  4. And some of the best wheel to wheel racing there is.
  5. And that, yeah.

    I saw the sidecars at Claremont before noise complaints closed it (no sense of history, some people) and I particularly remember one incident in which a driver was forced to take to the grass infield to spin the outfit to stop in a hurry. Thing was, there was a photographer farting around smack in the way. Goodness, didn't he move quick when faced with The Rapidly Rotating Combo of Death :LOL:.
  6. Shame they don't run much more. Same applies with bikes. Too much clay nowadays for bikes and probably Sidecars.

    The Sidecars used to be about the only division that would scare me. Seen some nasties when the pillion was thrown. I suppose the same would apply to sidecars on a circuit as the OP has posted.
  7. does the car alternate or is it always the same side?

    riding them is insane, one direction and you can slide it harder than a car, the other direction and it doesn't turn without flipping over.

    being the passenger would make a rollercoaster seem like a kids trike
  8. Same side.
    Going around a left hander with sidecar on the left looks difficult. I wonder of they favour going in a specific direction based on the number of left and right corners.
  9. Damn I wish i was in Vic. Sidecar racing looks stupid and dangerous.... very appealing.
  10. Way back when, in the UK, I came within an ace of buying a horrible old 1960s kneeler outfit, powered by a BSA A10 lump bored to ~800cc and running open megaphones that sounded like the end of the world. This monster was road legal (well, it had an MoT and a tax disc :D) and would have made the perfect first bike. Yes folks, that's right. Back then, learners could, without any instruction or proof of competence, hop on anything and head straight out onto the road as long as it had a sidecar attached :eek:.

    Then my despised sensible side kicked in and I bottled out of handing over the relatively small amount of cash required. Shit. It was then another couple of years before I finally got a bike and it was a bloody Honda Step-Thru. Double shit.