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Side Stands

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Just a little note to you young uns and newbies that even us ... um ... older riders do get complacent and stuff up every now and then :(

    Monday night B4 coffee @ Brandon Park i pushed the new beast out of the garage, set the side stand ( or so i thought ) started my baby up and got about 3 mtrs from her heading inside for my helmet etc , and heard that unmistakable sound of fairings getting crunched as she fell over
    :shock: :evil:

    Lesson to be learned, even if you have done it 4000000 times check your driveway for wayward stones that the nieghbour kicked over while mowing his lawn earlyer.......... or dont extend the sidestand to sit directly on said stone!
    damage done .......... PRIDE x10 :oops:
    LH mirror ................ 110.00
    LH upper fairing ....... 285.00
    LH lower fairing ....... 765.00

    On the upside i now know i can pick the beast up all 266kgs of her :twisted:

    I always always always, put the side stand down looking at it, and whilst still on it, drag the bike backwards about 10 - 15 cms to absolutely make sure that the stand has been pulled forward all the way.

    Oh Bob, that's gotta hurt :(
  3. Get a suicide stand like on my Duke - makes you REALLY paranoid about the sidestand - to the point where I rarely use it and just go through the hassle of the centre stand :p
  4. Only one thing to say about this...:!: Holy crap :!:
  5. Oh bobly!!!!!!!!!

    Shame mate, and shes so young.

    It's an old man thing this sidestand issue :(
  6. Damn :furious: I did that once, now i check and recheck the stand is down properly every time i get off
  7. nope, done it twice, only left a tiny scuff but still :evil: NEVER AGAIN.
  8. double and triple ouch :facepalm:
    at least u know u can lift her back up..... a thing not everyone can do with thier bikes
  9. Dad gammit, Bob.

    I've lived on the edge with a sui-side stand for eight years now. It makes you very wary of where you place your bike...
  10. That really must have hurt :cry:

    I must say, that is the one thing, I usually take a lot of notice of. I kind of push my bike a little, to make sure the side stand is holding her firmly each time. :eek:hno:
  11. Bugger bugger bugger :shock:
  12. I do the same, ive seen my sidestand kick a bit as more weight is transfered on/off..
  13. damn bob sorry to hear about your tip (well bikes tip), bikes don't look as good on there side as they down standing up
  14. As i posted in a previous thread, I put my side stand down, checked it, pulled the bike back to make sure said stand was fully extended and still came back to my bike lying on the floor as the stand had gone through the pavement! :cry:

    Now i just leave the bike on its side when i park

    much easier :)
  15. Ouch Bob,
    My bikes side stand is called a ‘jiffy’ stand, it must be fully extended to the last mm before it engages or it will snap back fast, so its very difficult to catch you unaware and prop any weight on it when not in the proper position, its also notched so once the weight of the bike is on it, its locked.

    Also talking about side stands I’ll tell you all know about a conversation I had with a tow truck driver a while back, after giving this guy the 3rd degree about taking care of my bike and making sure he knows what he is doing he told me that in his company of over 30 tow trucks the only towies sent out to pick up bikes are those that have had motorcycling towing training, I asked him about what the training entailed and he told me it was about tie down procedures and then mentioned that side stands should never be down when pressure is applied downwards on the bike such as a tie down for towing, otherwise the side stand will collapse or at the least put undue stress on them and possibly predisposition them to failure in the future.

    Then he turned and asked me
    ‘They did tell you not to sit on your bike with the side stand down at motorcycle training didn’t they?’

    There you go there’s a tip for you if towing or sitting on your bike –not with the side stand down.
  16. Kicking yourself afterwards...Priceless. :(

    Such a shame..bugga
  17. I can vouch for that... :oops: