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Side-stand weight bearing capabilities

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by M____G, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all. Hope you can help me. Just looking for a bit of advice here (Hopefully settle my nerves and frustration a little)

    I've just had a mate pop around and has decided to take a seat on my new bike, with the side stand down, and both feet up on the pegs. Shuffled his weight around a bit as well. In other words, This single stand has held up, not only the 190 kilos of bike but another 90 kilos of my friends as well, whilst shifting his weight, attempting to get comfy on it...

    Being the paranoid perfectionist that I am, I decided to go to my manual and observe whether it mentioned anything against sitting on the bikes in these circumstances.

    And u guessed it... It sure did. With a big warning sign and everything. However, it didn't state the actual reason why. So for the past 3 hours i've been wracking my brains out, as to whether it has possibly done any damage either to the stand itself or the oil sump, which its bolted to...

    I'm wanting to know how much weight these stands can actually hold. This well help me to work out whether that warning was more related to the bike tipping over as opposed to the stand or other parts of the bike getting damaged.

  2. I've never seen a sidestand break. I've seen one sink into soft ground, with the usual result, but not break.
  3. we've seen a number of bikes brake the frame where the side stand bolts due to sitting on it the bike whilst on the stand.....early R1's are the main culprit
  4. ive done all sorts of things on the sidestand....

    to cut a long story short you will be fine
  5. as long as the stand is down properly before you try to do such things you will be fine.

    I have seen someone try to swing a bike around "balanced" on the stand... it fell on them cos the stand wasnt fully engaged - hilarious for those of us watching :LOL:
  6. Prick much?
  7. u'd laugh about it too :grin:
  8. The stand is a strong bit of steel. It'll be fine.
  9. yup, dont stress at all. i lay on my bike with my feet on the bars and rest while its on the side stand.. IF it ever breaks , i guess you will get a laugh............ and i regulary turn my bike around on the side stand as well. looking at that, if a stand was ever gunna break , it will be mone,,,,,,,, not yours. so relax
  10. During my L's day the instructor stood on the seat of the bike while it was on the side stand and bobbed up and down to show us how strong it was.

    I was impressed.
  11. Now the long story: :LOL:
  12. As a one off, the stand won't break.

    Do it every day for years and you might wear/distort the pivot or fatigue the lug on the frame or engine after a few thousand repititions.
  13. Hornet's right. The load indicated in the manual is probably to allow for sinking into the ground, rather than breakage.

    Having said that, if it is bolted to the engine case I wouldn't be pushing it.