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side number plates [ADR & NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if side number plates and tail lights are legal (as seen on choppers)?

    I can't seem to find the link for the regs.
  2. One would assume they wont be due to revenue cameras not being able to read the plate properly.
  3. in Vic they have to be readable from something like +/- 45 (?) degrees either side, & up & down(?)

    Usually the wheel blocks the view from one side or the other, making them illegal.
  4. Hi ibast, on the side of the bike is illegal, from Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 (PDF)

    Section 48 (d)

    (d) the number or letters, or both, on the number
    plate are clearly visible from a distance of
    20 metres from the number plate at any point
    within the space produced by a horizontal arc
    of 90 degrees and a vertical arc of
    45 degrees, as indicated by the shaded areas
    in figures 5 and 6; and​


    Section 48 (g)

    g) for a motor cycle or trailer, the number plate
    is affixed to the rear of the motor cycle or
  5. i have asked this before

    and the tmu that picked me up on my bike (thanks for not giving me a ticket, i changed it that night)

    we had a discussion, and regardless of the law and what it says they will still give you a ticket for a side mount plate, thing is though the extra attention it draws to the vehicle can do more harm than good, they will look further than if it appeared more std

    and even if it's legal and they are having a bad day you still get a ticket and have to spend your time and $$$ to fight it...

    according to the adr's specified it's possible to be within the specs and be sidemounted, but the harley nightster in the usa comes with a side mount from factory (looks heaps better) but in australia its rearmounted due to not meeting the adr's, and it's not an obscure mounted type like a sidemount you get from ebay is...

    i liked mine looked awesome, but from the rhs of the bike you couldnt see it... ohh well

    see, awesome looking but sadly not legal, so i just switched to rearmount to keep them happy (the sidemount was able to be pickedup by the eastlink toll cameras though)
  6. Thanks guys, although I do note that is Victorian