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Side Cart Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roamin_oz, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. I inherited this side cart from my grandfather. He never owned a motorbike so no idea why it was in his shed. Nor do I own a motorbike so it is of no use to me. Just wondered if anyone out there would have any idea if these things are popular and if so, what price might I expect to get for this side car which looks in fairly good condition. It’s a DJP and I believe it was made in March 1988, but the manufacturers plate is very hard to read.

    There are a few paint scratches - as you can see by the photos. Mark - Brisbane

    I have 9 photos which you can view from here or here if the first link doesn't work.
  2. I know sweet FA about sidecars but it looks like a sidecar for a scooter as the wheel looks similar to whats on an old Vespa my son once restored. I am probably wrong though ...
    Try moving the post to (Riding Gear and Accessaries) , you may find help there . Good luck in your quest .
    Regards Rider
  3. Nope, that's the classic seventies DJP sidecar for a full-sized bike, like here...
    [​IMG] attached to a Honda 750 FII.

    Ring these people http://www.highwaysidecars.com/brochure.html and ask about valuation, etc.

    Hoep that helps....
  4. you say fairly good condition,

    to me it seems in fairly avrerage condition and needing a bit of work

    $1-$2K imho for the single seater in said condition

    ebay is going to give you an idea of the price

    IIRC from a mate that was looking at a sidecar conversion a 1.5 seater brand new was about $7K

    what you have there is quite a basic unit needing work

    end of the day said mate ended up buying a complete bike/car setup in very good nick complete with a leading link front end (gooogle that) for $7500

    so in spite of that if you got a grand or 2 for it then you would have to pretty happy with it

    or it could be just the thing to inspire you a build a bike and think about gradndad every time you ride it ;)
  5. To all who relied, many thanks for your advice.
  6. sidecart

    Hey there roamin_oz, sidecarts are a real PITA there are never any secondhand ones around when you want one and when there are some they are expensive.
    Its def an early DJP single seater, probably with the rubber block suspension which sucks .
    Johnnie5 has it about sussed , an out fit costs heaps to put a good one together and take forever to sell as they are a little of an individual beast .Great fun in the wet and if you have to carry little kids and or heaps of gear.
    The IDEAL Rally bike.

    Between 1 and 2K if you can find someone that wants a sidehack as I said before its easier and cheaper to buy one set up and let the 1st sucker loose all the money.
    Good luck .