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SID , my 2009 GS500

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Kitt, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. (VIC) Black GS500 K9

    my trusty steed SID 2009 GS500

    Now off restrictions .. SID needs a new home

    5***km s old
    12 months reg and 12 months warranty

    parked under cover always

    Pearl BLACK ( blue flecks )

    mods: heated grips ( $130)

    oggy knobs/bar ends and muffler protector. ($300 )

    Gold rim strips

    one of the best LAMS bike for price you can get ..

    $5990 pm if interested.

    Optional extra's : Shorty adjustable levers , Ventura rack , screen , bar end mirrors .


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  2. Oh. So sorry to hear that. Hope he goes to a good home.
  3. double post :S
  4. A few more pics added

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  5. Now with 12 months rego

    still only 5*** kms old ..

    fantastic looking Black naked , not many about ...
  6. Kitt, what's the seat height now that it's been lowered? Roughly anyway.

    Got a short arse here at work who might be interested.
  7. His regular seat height is 790 .. lowered him approx 5cm ( 1.5 inches ??)
    I'm 5ft 2 ish .. and can flat foot comfortably on him now ... ..
    has handle bar risers too ..
    so the bikes dynamics didn't get upset to much ..
  8. Sweet. I'll pass on the info.
  9. You're welcome .. and thanks :)
  10. Seen this bike in person and is a very nice bike indeed and whoever buys it will be a lucky person. Tastefully modded.
  11. Thankyou ResmeN .. he is an unique looking bike , the mods have definetly improved the look of him , whilst helping me learning to ride ..

    will be sad to see him go , but now I'm off restrictions and have new equipment ( to help with my aches n pains ... LOL ) the gixxer is my baby to ride ..
  12. Gixxer you say oh very nice. I also saw your other 1/2's batman mobile last night and that is also a nice piece of machinery.
  13. Uhuh , the gixxer .. the other halfs thou ... he's lowered her already for me .. and I've taken her out for a practise ride :D .. loved it ..

    note he's been buying bikes that I'll never be able to ride now.. lol .. cant lower the MV .. and the Vmax is just too big a bike ..

    I'll settle got the girl as she's been good to me as a pillion ..
  14. ARGH!!!

    So, so tempting, sadly it's out of the finances!
  15. SID is a k9 GS500 , and from what I've seen and heard , the K9 was the last of that model made , so before anyone goes and buys what they think is a brand new bike ( Yes it is new , new reg and warranty etc ) it is still a K9 ,
  16. Price Drop , excellent bike with lots of extra's.
  17. Price drop ..

    He's sorta sad just sitting amongt the big bikes and REALLY needs a good home :)
  18. price drop corrected ... oops 8-[
  19. Can't say I've seen a GS500 so blinged-up (with shorty levers !) and for sale at such a reasonable price !!!
    Best of luck Kitt - your bike will be gone in no time...so immaculate !
  20. Thanks Nickers ...
    He is a good looking bike and as you say , very reasonably priced with all his extras ...

    Be nice to see him go to a good home ..
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