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sickly zxr250 after fuelling

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by disk_1, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Hey guys\girls,

    Had my bike for the last few weeks. It has been running like a dream.

    I filled my bike up(Kawasaki ZX2R) at BP yesterday night with 95 octane. About 2 minutes later my bike all of a sudden was running rough and had a really obvious tinny knockig sound coming from the engine. Sounds horrible like the engine has metal floating around in there or similar.

    The exhaust note has also changed.

    Bike starts and idles fine but sounds completely different and not healthy. It sounds really bad once above about 6000 rpm and makes your cringe.

    Would a bad batch of fuel cause this? Water in the tank?

    Engine about to blow up on me?

    One other thing. I was running the bike on reserve just before I filled up(first time since i bought it). Maybe sucked some crap in?

  2. hrmmm sounds like bad fuel to me. once way to find out is pour out the old fuel into a container but enough to make it to the servo. use bp 98 octane and see if theres a difference. if not, then i guess it has something to do with the engine.
    good luck mate
  3. Update:

    Syphoned all the fuel out of the tank. Filled her up with a fresh batch of 98 octane BP fuel. No change.

    Sounds like a high reving tractor or something.

    Definately down on power. Feels like it could be running on 3 cyclinders. Starts fine, idles fine. No obvious severe mechanical problems i can tell. No overheating or smoke from the exhaust.

    I will get it booked in for a full service during the week.

    any more ideas?

    Oh. Any recommendations on where to get it serviced?

  4. my cousin had the same problem. it was the spark plugs. if it starts fine and when you ride it hard, there will be very slow acceleration.
    what colour is your exhaust blowing out?