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Sick of useless motorcyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Micheal A, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Start rant - I'm sick to fcuking death of motorcyclists who have big horsepower bikes and can't ride them properly. I went on a ride day yesterday with a bunch of noobs on R1's and GSXR Thous. Sure they know how to open the throttle in a straight line - but cornering.... Helloo?? They were going around corners that should have been taken at 80k's at 40 or 50... Quite a dangerous and unstable speed - not to mention them braking mid corner for no apparent reason.
    :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Then this morning some wanker on an R1 decides he'll jump in the left lane to overtake a B-double semi - and I follow, seeing it as a sensible move. The fcukhead gets to the front of the truck - right under the passenger door and sits there trapping me!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Not only dangerous for him, but for me who's now next to the rear wheels!! At least the driver could see me.....
    And if any of you pricks are that type of person who buys an R1 for dick value alone, or decides to defend that sort of person, go back to learning to ride on your CB 250's

    End rant.
  2. Mate i do get what your saying. ..

    But i still think its each to their own. If someone wants to putt around on an R1 good for them if it makes them happy...

    Motorcycles and cars ahave different meanings and uses to different people. Thats all :)
  3. Absolutely.
    I could only care less how people choose to ride WHEN THEY PUT ME IN DANGER!!!
  4. Thats fair enough... The first post more seemed that you were targeting everyone that rode a big bike and wasnt racer material...
  5. Chill pill mate.

    If a cage OR a bike looks like a drongo on the road, it's not hard to overtake and piss off, or hang right back and give them plenty of space.

    No point getting a stomach ulcer about it,
  6. Hey Loz, how was the wedding, you were at your usual best behaviour?????
  7. I have an R1 for when i go to coffees , a GSXR1000 for the freeways and if i know im going to go to twisty roads i'll take the car .
  8. Only you put you in danger. If you get yourself into a situation that could cause you to get hurt who's fault is it. Read the road and the situation. The guy on the R1 probably didn't even know you were there so how is it that he has to make allowances for your riding style.
  9. I think what Michael A is getting at is riders who absolutely nail the throttle on thier big new 150ps+ sports bikes on the straights and then slow down and wobble around the corners.

    Fair enough... not everyone is a racer, not everyone can corner at the same speeds.

    But if people aren't up to travelling at a reasonable speed around corners then they have no business doing 200+ down straights either... because they won't have the skills to deal with any unexpected problems that occur.
  10. Dave, you're supposed to have a ducati for the latte session, get it together!!1
  11. Michael A, I reckon you're WAY outta line. People ride to their own abilities, if that means they ride an R1 like a grandma, so be it, beats the shit outta someone scraping you off the road because you wanted to be like the Rossi's of the world but don't have that ability.

    As for you following the bloke to the left of the B double, YOU chose to go there, YOU put yourself in that situation and there is only 1 person to blame for YOUR actions and look in the mirror and you'll see him.
  12. Meh. Ducati's. I'll take the MV Agusta F4S instead.
  13. Michael, you just need to choose your riding partners with more discretion, and avoid following people up the inside of trucks! There are just as many people riding low-spec bikes badly as those riding high-spec bikes badly.

    I wonder if there's just a tinge of the old green-eyed monster there too, mate???
  14. <$0.02>

    Mate, I just got a new bike, and I can say this from VERY recent experience (ie: yesterday):

    Straight roads with basic gentle bends, no worries - I can open it up and go 110 easily. Should I be doing that? Absolutely, on a road where its legal, I should. Should I deliberately go under the limit when I feel confidant enough to sit on it? No, unless the conditions change.

    Corners, AT PRESENT, MUCH slower than normal. Why? Still adjusting to the new bike - weight, engine, handling, etc - its like learning to ride again. Should I be just opening it up around these and riding at the speeds I USED to take them? No. Why? I'm not confidant or skilled with the bike enough yet. Hence, I slow up.

    Whats to say this bloke wasn't adjusting to a new bike? Or are you suggesting that everyone should just stay on the 250 they learnt on? Hang on... learnt on..... we all wobbled through corners on those as well... bet it takes us less time to get back to speed on the new machines though.

    Certainly I would agree that people should initially adjust to a new machine off any "challenging" roads, but once the basics are down you have to learn somewhere. Better on roads you know than ones you don't. I spent about 90min riding the back streets before I ventured out onto the freeway and the more difficult intersections, but now I wouldn't call any road off-limits. Sure, I'm down on cornering speed at present, but that will come up as my experience and confidance on the bike grows.

  15. how the heck did that post double... I hit Submit and got the preview window....
  16. Well what were you doing overtaking a truck on the left without a clear run ??? If you think thats safe then your as bad as you percieved the other guy who as was pointed out previously possibly didnt even know you were there so you ride how you ride and dont worry what other people are doing unless you somehow get stuck next to a truck
  17. Dan you are a cruel, heartless cad :D
  18. I thought he was just the crash test dummy! :LOL:
  19. Based on what exactly - just because the speed limits 80kph doesn't mean you have to go around corners at that speed. Yes it can be annoying but it's their choice to corner at whatever speed they feel comfortable with. As for bikes being dangerously unstable at 50kph :shock:. Even I've managed to scrape the pegs on a bike at 20kph (okay it was only a CB250) - certainly didn't seem dangerous or unstable in fact it's quite fun, I suggest you give it a try.