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Sick of small bikes want some reviews of big bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mrkotter, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    I find it interesting that most of the threads in the last week or so have been about learner bikes (a lot of cbr125 threads) especially considering people will only hang onto these bikes a short period of time.

    I want some reviews of some big fire breathing bikes to read while I wait to get off restrictions. Anything over 600cc will excite my interest.

    Can anyone get me out of my stupor?
  2. Have a go on mine.

    That'll whet your appetite.... :LOL:
  3. VFR 800 would be nice.
  4. :shock:
    You have much to learn.
  5. mrkotter, you and every other newbie who joins up to Netrider, get the benefit of the collected wisdom (and occasional foolishness) of literally hundreds of years of riding experience. But the fact remains that most new signees are also new riders, as probably were you. Thus Netrider tends to be answering the same basic questions over and over again, because demand creates supply. On the other hand a lot of riders sign up who are already fully-licensed and don't need upgrade information.

    However, I at least have been here long enough to see a whole heap of people who were Across fanatics three years ago now punting around on a huge variety of bigger bikes. A fair amount of those choices were made on the basis of advice and experience from Netriders.

    Be patient, grasshopper. If you have specific questions, why don't you do what many have done before you and ask for some advice, and some real-time experience from current or past owners of the objects of your desire?

    Of course, we've done THAT hundreds of times before too, but we'll back up and do it again because that's the sort of caring, sharing people we are, (well, most of us, anyway :LOL:).
  6. Thanks for the advice but I'm sitting here bored beyond belief studying for uni exams (tax atm - capital gains tax anyone?) and wanted some entertainment from those that can and do own exciting bikes.

    As much fun as it is reading the CBR125 flame wars they get a little repetitive and I much prefer glowing reviews of someone's new beast.

    EDIT: I'm not trashing the people that take the time to contribute either by asking questions (however basic they may seem) or the patient people who give up their time to answer them. I think it is a great forum. I know I have learnt lots by asking and searching. However I would like to hear from the people who own fun, exciting bikes.
  7. ....which clearly excludes you then Loz :LOL:
  8. Done diddly, then.

    I own a (now) ten year old 600 Honda Hornet. I bought it when it had 51,000 kms on it, and it now has 118,000 kms on it. I've ridden it to the shops to get milk, and 1228kms in a day, just because I wanted to. It has a far-too-small fuel tank, and guzzles it like fury when you wick it up. It turns in very quickly; probably too quickly for some, due to its 16" front wheel. It hates dirt road, for the same reason.

    I've crashed it a few times, but it has always forgiven me.

    Due to my strange financial and work situation, I can't see myself ever being able to afford a new bike, or even another bike, but even if I can, I will keep the Hornet, because I love it.

    If I COULD afford a new bike, I'd rather not scare myself with a 1,000, and would blissfully settle for a new 600 Hornet, because I know its grand-dad :).
  9. Not in the past couple of weeks, but in the past month or so there've been some decent reads in reviews of larger bikes.

    The 'Search' link at the top of the page is your friend for digging up the good reads, but I'm also kinda bored this evening so I've had a dig for you:

    Spots does the Triumph Tiger 1050

    Titus does the KTM 950 Supermoto

    Everyone does the Triumph Street Triple

    2wheelsagain does the Bandit 1250

    Bravus does the Bandit 1200

    Cambo does the Aprilia Tuono

    Bamm-Bamm does the KTM Superduke

    Righto, that lot should keep you out of trouble for a while... ;)
  10. Show me an unexciting motorcycle and I'll show you a boring f*ckwad who should be driving a car!
  11. thanks for the linkies Bravus. I follow the street triple thread fairly religiously.
    I do remember reading your bandit review and thinking it sounds like a great bike although its probably not for me.

    Reading the superduke review, I remember someone talking about the 690 duke. Has anyone had a go on one yet? I know they won't be exactly popular.
  12. *cough*search*cough*
  13. [​IMG]

    Do you mean bikes like this?

    Bit hard to find any reviews on it though, but I imagine it doesnt rate very well in comfort, economy, cornering or speed or anything else except for being big.
  14. www.bikepoint.com.au and subscribe.

    That's how I get my weekly fix without having to look around for search functions.
  15. There is NO litre bike reviews on this site.. They are all too busy RIDING them and enjoying there passion too much to be on here typing. All the small capacity reviews on the CBR125 etc show you how much they really want to take them out. :wink:
  16. I'm halfway thru one on my 600RR if yr interested? Stay tuned :wink: