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Sick of pedestrians walking out on you in the city??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Well this is not really a vent, but gave me a chuckle anyway. Definitely a near miss, just does not involve me.

    Today, I was watching a motorbike cop. He turned the corner on a busy street only to have a pedestrian jump out in front of him. How the fuk he missed that guy I have no idea, bit of luck, bit of skill, me thinks both. But its the closest I have ever seen to a pedestrian getting snotted in a big way. Cop was not going to fast, but he was not going slow either.

    Needless to say, cop pulls up tells the bloke to wait in the side of the road then pulls up and proceeds to tear him a new arsehole. Put a big smile on my face.

  2. The only good thing about being a cop is the right to road rage...
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    You need not just a horn but a [URL="]hornblaster[/URL]
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  4. probably more than a bit of skill, given the demonstration we got last saturday at the st kilda marina.
  5. That horn is a winner.
  6. Witnessed a child hit a couple of days ago (small kid on a pedestrian crossing who'd run out in front of a car ahead of his mum) - luckily only a few scrặpes (silly swear filter) and bruises. No amount of horn would have saved the child being hit. Child's mother was of Middle Eastern appearance and went absolutely hysterical, "punishing" herself by continually slapping herself very hard across the face whilst wailing like a banshee.
  7. Oohhh yeah yesterday i was on the wakehurst parkway and the first set of lights as you approach warringah road there was a young boy maybe 8 years old trying to cross the road where there were no pedestrian lights... nearly got hit by a car turning left...

    I blame the parents. Poor little timmy was probably coming home from soccer practice and his mum was probably at home having a gin and tonic.
  8. I think the kid that I witnessed (Liverpool) ran ahead of his mum. He was on a pedestrian crossing but it's on a "service road" between two arcades and the driver wouldn't have had an opportunity to see the kid until it was too late. In defence of the kid though, as this is a very likely place where this could happen, he was probably driving too fast and without due caution for the area (plus the pedestrian crossing is on top of one of those wide speed humps).
  9. Gotta get your kids hand before the crossing, cause they get ahead of themselves and forget. I swear, they have the attention span of a gnat.

    I witnessed a kid get hit once. To this day I still remember the look on the kids face, that he was doing something so normal, just stepping out onto the road. Sad.
  10. This.
    No attention span, no spatial awareness and no height to be seen - I dunno why we have kids sometimes... ;)
  11. I used to just run into them on my pushbike and give them a spray at the same time can't say I'd do the same on my moto.
  12. People walk in front of vehicles because they DON'T CARE.

    My mother in law got chewed out by a pedestrian who stepped out onto a main road in front of her, because he quoted to her that as a driver she HAD to let him walk, he had right of way.

    Unbelievable. People have no need to take responsibility or be reasonable with what is right as opposed to what they can get away with.
  13. I have no recollection of the incident, but that happened to me on my pushie once. I ended up in hospital with a massive concussion and 10hr worth of amnesia. Pedestrian walked away unscathed.
  14. sadly quoted for truth. we allowed the change and it will never go back to the way it should be
  15. I've got mixed feeling on this one. I really do think that it's good that vehicles have to give way to pedestrians at intersections were there are no traffic lights, if only because it mandates that drivers/riders have to take responsibility to be aware. I was surprised to find that its not the norm overseas.

    That said, the blasé attitude people have to wandering about all over the shop in and around the city (Melbourne) is a pain in the arse, and resulted in a few close calls on the bike in the last couple of years. Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat after 7pm tends to be particularly bad, esp. heading through Carlton. As the traffic thins out, its as if the peds get a false sense of security, when the fact of the matter is that the traffic is moving more freely and whatever is approaching is likely to be at or around the speed limit.

    Another, pet hate is the way people crossing at busy intersections just step out as soon as the lights go green regardless of whether the cars have fully cleared the intersection or not. To be fair the drivers should make sure they can clear the intersection before entering, but sometimes waiting an extra 5 seconds would allow that car to creep across the crossing and not hold up the cross-ways traffic. It's not a lack of situational awareness on the part of pedestrians, just that they are clearly in the habit of not giving a fuck.
  16. I do that. You should not be in the intersection. Same as running a red light IMO. IF you are in the intersection, fuk ya, you can wait there and cop the abuse from the cars coming the other way.
  17. The pedestrian ran straight into the driver's side main roof support beam of the taxi I was driving a few years ago. Blood on the windscreen and a small bit on the road. And had expected the suicidal act to have been fatal, but he apparently survived.

    Many drivers are just as bad (and even worse). It's more the society we live in.
  18. Yeah, I change the route I travel through the city over the weekend.

    Same thing was happening in inner-city Sydney when I lived there. People just don't tend to look.
  19. Clearly, pedestrians are a group of 'vulnerable' road users and their use of the roads must be discouraged and, at least, controlled.

    I would suggest that no-one under the age of 16 years and 9 months be allowed to use any road or road-related area. Furthermore, upon reaching the aforementioned age, should said person wish to use a road, or road-related area as a pedestrian, they must attend a two-day L-Pedestrian course that will have a price high enough to discourage all but the most determined.

    Upon passing said course, they will be issued with a 12 month Certificate of Competency. This will allow them, as long as they are displaying large yellow "L" plates front and rear, to travel as a pedestrian at a speed of no more than 4 kph. They must at all times have a 0% BAC and are not allowed to tow another pedestrian or carry one.

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  20. From my understanding it's to fill the void when we finally give up all the partying, whoring and boozing.

    My wife tells me i'm wrong, but she's the one that wants one...