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Sick of Indian Cricket team being sooks

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Rant time!


    I've had it. I love cricket but at the moment I want the Indians to pack up and leave. There is a lot of the pot calling the kettle 'Sooty Man' going on here.

    I've spent the past week listening to most sections of the media and the general population of Australia slagging off Ponting and our Boys and saying that we cheated, displayed unsportsmanlike conduct and that the Indian Team are basically angels who have done nothing wrong but be intimidated and abused by us.

    F**king Bollocks.

    India have been playing this 'poor us' card for years now. One of their most recent 'complaints' is that we are not playing in the Spirit of the game, which is a very serious allegation. Cricket is a game that teaches you to accept the umpires decision/or the fact that you are out, like a man (or woman) and leave the field of play. A good life lesson in that too, yeah? Anil Kumble is sooking because Punter (Ponting) hung about for a second in disbelief that he was given out. He didn't argue about it, he just looked confused, then left. But Check this out:


    Here in the SAME match is Saurav Ganguly being given out to an admittedly contentious catch, yet not leaving the field of play and actually questioning the umpire! Also, have a look at this:


    In here we see the current 'Poor Me' boy Harbhajan Singh refusing to leave the field of play when he was BOWLED FFS vs England recently! He even tells the bowler to F**k Off! This coming from the little man who denies racially abusing Andrew Symonds (AS) in the 2nd Test match.

    Which brings me to point #2. Harbhajan had been warned about calling (AS) a 'monkey' on the recent one-day tour of India. (AS) had suffered crowd abuse/monkey chants from game 4 - 7 of that series and was also copping it on the field from Harbhajan. Australia, specifically (AS) approached Harbhajan and explained that he found it racially offensive and was given promises that it won't happen again. THAT is why Punter went straight to the match referee and reported him in Sydney for racial abuse. Harbhajan deserves the 3 match penalty that he received because he had been previously warned. Ponting didn't just run off and tell Mummy at the first sign of trouble.

    Now, for the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control of India) to effectively hold the ICC (International Cricket Council) to ransom by stating that they'll only continue playing this tour if/when Harbhajan's appeal is heard and the ban lifted is a disgrace. More on that later.

    Kumble is also saying, as are most sections of the media and public, that we showed poor sportsmanship in the way that we celebrated our win by jumping up and down and cheering! How is that worse sportsmanship than the way Harbhajan (again Harbhajan) celebrated the dismissal of Punter?? I have NEVER seen a celebration like this in ANY game of cricket!


    To me, that is poor sportsmanship, not jumping up and down with your teammates when you win a 5 x day Test match with 8 minutes to spare!! S**t! Tell me one sportsman/woman/team who wouldn't??

    Subcontinental teams (India/Pakistan/Sri-Lanka and too a lesser degree Bangladesh) have a history of making outrageous demands and getting their way. Remember the Darryl Hair ball tampering incident with Pakistan? For those who don't know, Darryl Hair is(was) an ICC test match umpire who caught Pakistan ball-tampering in a test match in England. Pakistan refused to come out and play after the lunch break (maybe tea?) and thereby forfeited the match, therefore becoming the first team to ever lose a test match by default. Know what happened? Darryl Hair was sacked after Pakistan cricket authorities kicked up a huge fuss and demanded the ICC (spineless bastards that they are) do so. The same type of thing is happening here with the racial abuse issue. Now regardless of whether you deem it racial abuse or not, it happened and Harbhajan was found guilty. He should Cop it sweet, not sulk in a hotel room with his mates while they decide whether to pack their gear and go home.

    Sri Lanka? Don't get me started on Murali...Ranatunga...Aravinda etc

    Why do the Subcontinental Teams wield such a massive stick? because nearly 70% of all the ICC revenue comes from the television rights attached to cricket matches played there. Without the SC teams as part of the ICC, it would collapse.

    Now I'm not racist so don't even go there. My beef is with the way India and their neighbours on the subcontinent play their cricket. Australian teams have been guilty of some pretty outrageous s**t in the past ie: Trevor Chappell and the Underarm delivery, but nothing compares to this utter rubbish that we're being fed by the Indians at the moment. Our lads don't deserve this treatment and we need to get over the Tall Poppy syndrome displayed in this country and get back to supporting a team that has brought us great success over the past 18 years!

    They don't deserve this. Theres more points I want to raise but I'll wait and see what you guys think first.

    Let the flaming begin... :roll:
  2. I'm with you Dougz! Severe case of sour grapes here cause they were bowled out by one of our batsmen!!

    They're acting like the first team ever to be effected by bad umpiring decisions. The stupid part of it is going on about Symonds scoring more runs after he should have been out by 30. So by India's logic, Australia's total should be less the score Symonds made after that - cr@p logic. Who knows what would have happened, the next batsmen may have felt the pressure and stepped up to the mark and scored another hundred!

    Yes they had some bad decisions and Bucknor made some bad errors (whith the whole two seconds he has to judge the appeal and make a decision). But holding the game to ransom is just bullsh!t while claiming the other team is 'playing against the spirit of the game'. And the hyprocisy of Indians calling any other team 'over-appealers' is just amazing!
  3. I hope the Indian team still play out the series. Then at least without HS (Harbhajan Singh), HB (Harbhajan's Bunny) might actually score a run or two...
  4. I forgot about Bucknor! Fancy having an umpire withdrawn frmo a game because you don't agree with their decisions! I know for a fact that India has been the beneficiary of fortunate decisions many times in the past.

    I remember the furore many years ago when India would appeal ANYTHING that hit the pads!
  5. Memories of Indian fans seem to be pretty cloudy about the reason as to why independant umpires were introduced in the first place...
  6. The ICC should be scrapped immediately and replaced with a board that cares for the game, not the inflated pay-packets of its administrators.

    Umpires? When did ever the ICC care about umpires, after is humiliated and degraded Darryl Hair when it was supposed to be defending him?

    And NO TEAM, under any circumstances, ought to be able to determine who umpires, at any level. When a team can pick and choose its umpires, that's simply cheating.
  7. Thank you. Seriously this has been giving me the utter shits since day 3 of the Sydney match.

    The Indian public response as a general rule has been appalling, with threats to Ponting and family - how fcuking un sportsman can you get?

    I think the media as a whole should shove cricket reporting up their arse, because they have seriously fcuked this up.
  8. More YouTube videos please!

    This thread is awesome - it's like a 'here are the most interesting bits of cricket without you having to sit through a whole bloody game'.

    Cheers for the history and perspective :)

    I never watch the game, bores me to tears; but I like to understand what's going on as far as the drama goes.
  9. Singh obviously learned cricket in the back yard with some little boys who he could intimidate. Seriously, though, that Pieterson dismissal encapsulates everything that is wrong with the players and the attitude of sub-continent cricket. They really DO believe that they are above the rules, and, it seems, by submitting to the demand for a change of umpires for Perth, the ICC has given them every reason to continue to do so.

    Whether of not they want to continue the tour, the Australian officials should look at the piece of film, and notify them that Australian teams refuses to play with a cheat, or a team of cheats :evil:.
  10. Saw this the other day and found it mildly amusing.


    I'm not racist, but I do find the Indians calling anyone a monkey amusing. Especially the way they scream and carry on like chimps when someone gets out. (See that youtube vid - He jumps and rolls around like a chimp.)
  11. I think we should all go down to Martin Place and burn effergies(?) of the Singh, Kumble and an Indian flag .........................holy cow!!!!
  12. That's basically it. Regardless of whether it's a racist slur or not, the Indians were specifically told that if this "monkey" call business came back, they'd be for it. That angry little shit Singh called Symonds monkey, now he's been slapped down. Good. The guy once chased a fan during practice out through the stadium and had to be restrained by the security from leaving.

    Yes, I wonder which game the Indians were watching, because I saw bad decisions going both ways, hell, what about the dodgy decision that Kumble is bitching on Ponting about? Bunch of hypocrites. They're bitching the umpiring, the Aussies being unsporting etc, and as an example using a batsman being surprised at being given LBW when he hit hard enoguh to leave a new cherry on his bat.
  13. mmmm burgers!

    Cricket has become boring, the Aussies win all the time. Boring, the only exciting part is when the fights start, so Indians keep it coming we love it! :grin:
  14. The comments from the Indian conspiracy theorists are the funniests! Apparently the umpires are in cahoots with the Australians and handed Australia the win! I mean get real, half the time the Indians go for the draw! Like the first test, two days to go and you knew it would be a blockathon (63 minutes to get off the mark in the first test).

    I also love how they are calling for Pontings head for taking a catch while completely ignoring the fact he called another catch not taken and sent Dravid back in for another bore-fest!

    I'm with you Hornet, once teams start dictating who the umpires are, i'd hardly call that playing within the spirit of the game. And it's not like theres a hundred to choose from either. I really feel sorry for umpires sometimes. Or maybe we should just insert a camera into their heads to appease all these armchair umpires with the luxury of hot spot, slo mo, snicko. etc...
  15. See this is a lot more fun than "Australia wins another Test" :grin:
  16. The guy reckons the Indians are a bunch of sooks. So, what does that make the Australian team? One of them allegedly is called a "monkey" and they have a hissy fit.

    Thing is, they look like getting beaten so they pull the race card. Never mind that they're the sledging experts.

    Looks like that they can dish it out but can't take it.

    Ironically, this is probably something that cricket needs. Aside from watching paint dry I dunno what could be more boring, except perhaps riding up the Hume, maybe.
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    If we're talking about the same catch, it was actually out. The ball flicked the finger of the glove after hitting the pad. the indians issue is that Ponting could have never known if it hit the glove or not, thereby cheating by claiming a catch. FFS, yes you CAN know. The human eye is an amazing thing. Also, You ask the question of the umpire 'Yes or No' if he says no you can look disappointed (human nature), but you get on with the game. Which is what RP did.

    Bunch of F88king sooks.

    Ktulu - glad you liked them ;-)

    Here is a summary of the Darryl Hair/ Pakistan ball tampering issue. It highlights the bullshit between the different cricket boards and the ICC

  18. +1 on most of the above.
    I love the game but I am so over this!
    If they continue the tour, I want to see a massacre. I want a four nil series win!

    We showed poor sportsmanship??

    What about the number 11 Indian batsman bringing out two right handed gloves? Nerves my arse! That chewed up a good five minutes of precious time. :evil:

    They expected a draw, they didn't get it, sore losers.
  19. You obviously didn't read what I said.

    Sledging is different from Racism.

    And being a non-cricket fan you've also proved to me that the one-sided media beat up against the Aussies is working. The indians are sooks and should go home.
  20. Sounds like you really know what you are talkinh about. :roll: :roll: