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Sick of "Commuting", so I went for a "Ride&qu

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MattyB, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. At 6:30am on a Monday (After night shift.), heh.

    Since I've attained my licence, I've been for maybe 2 rides which wern't A-to-B's, I've just been working flat out, and at the moment my only "Riding Buddy" is Loz. He's always keen for a ride which is great, but as i said - work.

    But anyway, this morning it's nastily cold, I'd say around 6 degrees, although some cars were iced over, there wasn't any grass frost or slippery roads like the 0-4 degree mornings.
    So when i geared up for the 10 minute ride home, I had my usual work pants plus draggin cargos over the rop, work shirt and RST Winter jacket (which i love so much!), A* boots, dianese gloves and AGV Helmet (which is my "night shift" one because my yellow KBC one has a tinted visor), and.. for this mornings purpose, I pulled the black scarf out of the 'boot', folded it 4 times and tucked it inbetween my jacket and chin (to stop the ice cold air getting on my chin and neck. ready? 1, 2, 3, - awwwwww!!)

    And.. As a new thing I was testing out, i put my phone (Sony Ericsson W810i 'walkman') in my jacket, plugged in the ear phones (brilliant new hi-tech stereo mofo's that go right in your ear, stay there and have AWESOME stereo surround with decent "feeling" bass in your ear, Brilliant!) and put on some music on random.

    I don't suggest it to new riders.
    These fancy new earphones aren't like the ones I used to use in highschool, these ones block noise, very effectively.
    So effectively, I stalled at the first intersection because I was used to hearing the revs, not reading the tacho. heh (Yes Loz, these fancy earphones even blocked out the low range of the Megacycle. [shock horror])

    Anyway, I completed 8 minutes of my 10 minute ride home, figured I'd need fuel soon seeing as i was on 180km's, plopped in 10 litres of the mid-grade premium stuff from Mobil, and thought to myself "I'm overly geared up, and I feel invincible against this cold weather, why not go for a ride?" - And I did. Though, I did take out the fancy earphones so I could hear my bike and concentrate a tad better.

    Went for a 45ish min ride, basically just took new roads and headed north until the suburbs turned to industrial, then the industrial slowly started to turn into grazing land and empty plains. Then didn't like my chances of being found alive soon enough if Skippy heard me coming and came to say 'hi', so I turned around and came home.

    It was a ride while feeling like a mummy with so much clothing on, Rugged up to the wahzoo, no one to ride with, and no real destination.
    But it was great! I love how I can disappear and just be alone. No one to talk to, hidden in my helmet from peoples looks, hidden by my exhaust from random thoughts finding their way to my mouth and being spoken simply because they can, getting cocky and starting to dart inbetween cars and lean over exaduratedly just because I can, then running a tad wider than comfortable and hopping back in my place and riding more carefully.

    My CBR250RR with loud arse fart can isn't exactly the most Tourer style bike, and being so sporty isn't the most comfortable, warm, or forgiving to ride. But it's still a hell of alot of fun, and I understand why people buy tourer's and do drastic journeys from country to country. (not that i can justify giving up my good looks on a yellow sports bike to buy a tourer, but I understand.)

    Sorry for the length, wasn't the most eventful ride. Nothing exciting happened, but I thought I'd share anyway.
  2. (PS: I have no idea why "Ride" turns into "Ride&qu", I can take a punt and say that a " in code equals something like &quote, which wouldn't fit in the charactor limit so it ended up being &qu - nevermind.)
  3. Good to see I wasn't the only one that noticed how cold it was coming home this morning.. Aparently it was 4 degrees at about 7am according to the sign on the Nepean Hwy in Mentone..
  4. There ARE sporty tourers out there!
    I may be biased though!

    Regards, Andrew.