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Sick horn

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Slade, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Well its probably not quiet you expected, but the horn on my RGV sounds like a strangled cat...

    It started off pretty bad, and occasionally comes good, today it actually sounded like a horn once lol....

    anywho, any suggestions on fixing them, or what may be the problem? or do i just rip it off and find a replacement

  2. Check the electrical connections. It may be just a bad earth connection.

    I improved my horn by adding a relay that ensured it got a good supply of electrickery.

    If you want to replace it, Supercheap auto have reasonably priced horn sets. (for an effective horn sound, you really need two, set to slightly different pitches.)

    Mine sounds a bit like a light truck.

    (oddly, the horn in my light truck sounds a bit like a scooter..... must do something about that....)
  3. thanks mate, i'll have to check it out.
    I should of done it earlier today when I had the front section of the fairing off the bike ...
  4. follow in my footsteps....... not call tinkabell with out a reason... and bicycle shop will help you out :p

    could be water in the horn... people suggested WD40 in to the horn... didn't work so now i have a bell
  5. hehe , nah im good :)
    it turned out to be a dodgy earth, the connector was loose on the horn and wasnt making very good contact. Alls good now
  6. I adjusted mine last week there is a locknut and a small screw for adjustment on the back of the unit
  7. Yer, was gonna say that, car horns have a adjustable locking screw on them to adjust the note of the horn. Havent had a real good look at a bike one but say most would be a similar design