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Sick Days

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blaringmike, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm sitting at home bored and feeling like $hit so I thought I'd ask what people thoughts are on taking sick days. This is the first day off I've had due to illness since sometime back in 2006. I personally think that unless you cant get out of bed your fit enough to go to work. What do other people think? Do you chuck a sickie cause you wanna go do something other than work or like me do you hate calling in sick and only do so when your really crook?

    I'm not trying to claim the moral high ground or anything just wondering how many people call in to work sick when they really just have something better to do.

    PS yes I am very bored and trying to fight the temptation to go out riding but it is slowly winning.

  2. I've basically gotta be dead (or dying) to call in sick. I enjoy my job, so I figure there's no need not to go unless I actually can't do the work. I think it may also help in the long run, as my employer's less likely to be suss when I take a day off as opposed to someone who's always taking them (and appearing really well the next day).
  3. I chucked sickies 'cause my boss was a biatch, and she'd call Mum and Dad to let them know I was sick, so I'd have to bung on stomach pains or something. Sucked working for my sister - she never had a sickie, and worked from home during maternity leave.

    But you can always justify it by calling them 'mental health days' - sometimes you leave work ready to kill someone, quit or bawl your eyes out - having the next day away from work helps you to calm down and get some perspective on the situations that drive you mad!

    And if you've got the flu or a cold, it's better to have a day or two off work rather than infect the rest of your work place - my boss learnt that the hard way - half the factory off work for a week with the flu!
  4. As far as genuine sickies are concerned, I see two factors.

    (i) Are you capable of performing your job properly/safely and without exacerbating your condition or causing yourself unnecessary pain and/or misery?

    (ii) Are you likely to infect others with whatever you've got? You might feel like a real hero for crawling in, but others are unlikely to thank you for breathing a good case of flu (a real one) into the air-conditioning :grin: .

    Manufactured sickies? Depends on how loyal to your employer you're feeling :shock: .
  5. That was the main reason I didn't go into work today. And two of my bosses told me not to come in as I was dying in my chair yesterday.

    I really like my job so I dont like calling in sick. I also think it leaves a bad impression if you are too sick to work one day then turn up the next day and are 100%. Although sometimes thats the way it happens.
  6. I agree entirely with this point, even if I'm feeling like I could work, it's much better not to infect all those around you with whatever funky thing you might be coughing up on to everyone else...
  7. I can't believe you people....

    Got to work when you're sick and save the sickies for when you've
    got something more important to do.

    It's the Australian way.
  8. +1 plus one..... they are factored into my salary :LOL:
  9. That is why you should also always go to work when suffering a hang over, might as well get paid for it.
  10. My job has the convenient perk of 'working from home'. Most times I really am working from home, but sometimes I have to admit I'm 'working from the twisties'.
  11. For every ACTUAL sick day I have, 2-3 are 'i CBF' days....

    I really need to even that out a bit more....I have negative 1.5hrs of sick leave :-w

    When it gets in the negative, if I CBF'd I tend to come to work for a bit and 'play' sick, then go home. Doesn't get counted ;)
  12. The best part of being a casual, I work when I want to work.

    A lot of employers have a large casual workforce and treat them like full timers dictating to them when they are working.

    Cake and eat it.....pppfftttttt

    I work alone so the chance of infecting anyone else is slimmer than me.

    I had 4 days off not that long ago when I could hardly move. Trying to get out of bed that first morning hurt like hell.
  13. I once worked for unnamed government department (incidentally, don't work there anymore) where everyone was given 20 paid sick days a year... and the majority of the staff took those 20 within the first six months of their year... and no-one batted an eyelid... you'd have to have cancer to be sick that much, but it was just the culture of the place.
  14. work for myself. when things are busy i work hard and long. when things are lighter i fk about on NR a lot :cool: i like that i can mix'n'match work and housechores over the course of the day and not feel guilty. sometimes but rarely i take time out to shop/read/ride. it's all just life really - working, housework, relaxing, playing. i don't differentiate so much any more.

    i haven't been physically sick in years and never anything serious - touch wood. i get a 2-day cold every two years or so. having said that, at previous employers i took the occassional 'mental health' day, like carol says, when i was just too tired and stressed out. i'm pleased i'm not in any of those places any more. :twisted:
  15. I generally save up my sick days for uni exams. Normally i just suck it up and go to work if I'm actually sick (as long as it's not contagious). I rarely ever take a "sickie" and if i do, I usually give my boss a heads up (with an appropriate excuse... like surgery). But everything is more relaxed now that i work in government. Plus they give me flex-time which, i think, reduces sickies.
  16. I've had 1/2 day off sick in the last 15 years I think. Sucks to be your own boss sometimes.
  17. A question to all you employers out there this is purely hypothetical....

    At about 2pm I got a txt from a mate saying come out for a ride. Temptation was too great and I caved in. Went out for an hour so so ride through some local twisties.

    A lot of guy at my work ride bikes including my boss and I regular get spotted by colleagues whilst out riding.

    If you saw one of your employees out riding on a day they'd called in sick would you do anything about it? Have a word to them or just forget about it?


    But from my point of view it was definately worth it as I got to ride an R1. I'm still trying to stop shaking. They are crazy.
  18. i dont have sickdays. no way, no chance, not ever. :(
  19. Most companies work on a basis of x number of sick days a year, cumulative. So, if you have say, 10 days a year and don't use them, after 30 years' service you could have 300 days in the bank.

    In the old SECV people tended to "cut out their sickies" as they headed towards retirement. Out at Australian Paper, the Mill I think pays them out. Not sure if ALL of them get paid out or not.

    Where I work we have unlimited sick leave. This means that I could be off work for six months as long as I kept providing doctor's certificates. And surprisingly, our absentee rate is around 1.5%, while industry average is closer to 5%.

    The philosophy here is if you're crook, then stay home. No point in coming into work, where you won't be of much use anyway, and then making your workmates crook. I don't know of too many people who take sickies as an extension of their rec leave, and this includes shiftworkers who would be most tempted to take weekends off crook if they couldn't get rec. leave, for example.

    I remember a self-righteous guy who used to shitcan all those who had sick days, saying that they were bludgers and bullshit artists. Then the guy and his wife have their first child. Guess what? When the kid's about two or three and is regularly socialising with other kids in child care or whatever, he ends up having a whole week off because his kid brought home some disease that got him a beauty.

    And that's what tends to happen. Parents often cop what their kids bring home from school. Certainly it was the case with me.
  20. If they are a good employee, don't take 'mental health' days all the time and we weren't swamped with work that day I doubt I would say anything. I'd rather have happy staff and pay for the odd sick day, in fact after stressful periods we encourage the guys to take a personal day.