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Sick day!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. So called work saying I wouldn't be in, first thing they say is that there's lots of work on. I know that, that's why I came in yesterday, coughed like a 2 stroke and hobbled around all day. Did you not notice! :roll:
    FFS, I have been there over six months and not taken a day off, always start earlier and finish after when I am supposed to. Other wankers turn up 10 mins late and leave 15 mins early, and I get shit????
    Everyone wants employee loyalty, but don't give a shit about the employee! :roll:
    Anyway, I have the day off, I am going to the doctor's for the first time in five years, I have somehow managed to injure my foot, right near the heel, where the footpeg goes. I have no idea what I did or how it happened, just woke up with it very sore yesterday, can barely put weight on it.
    Oh yeah, and I have a cold that's been hanging around for 3 weeks and is now a lung problem....joy!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I've had that cold on and off for about a month now. I like the 'coughing like a two stroke' call, that describes it perfectly...
  3. I was off work crook most of last week - was on the mend but then had a large-ish birthday weekend :(
    I fear my flu-thing may linger also.

    ... on the plus side, my work is super cool and just told me to get better. Even got voicemail messages and a signed card from the managers at head office, wishing me Happy Birthday and hoping I feel better :)
  4. Sucks eh! I had it, had a head cold, almost got rid of it apart from a sniffle, got teh sore throat again and now it's lungs! :LOL:
    I hate being sick...I feel........mortal! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Just sounds like you're working for a pack of @rseholes! Time for a change maybe?
  6. If they start to p!ss you off too much, just lick every teaspoon in the kitchen, and cough over all the mugs...

    Pretty soon they'll realise that it'll be more productive overall to let the sick people stay home. Could work in theory ;)
  7. That's teh thing..some dumb bogan (who has contact with everyone all day due to teh nature of their position) brought this in to work in the first place!
    I've never understood the whole I'm sick, so I'l go to work and infect everyone mentailty!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Should try the Police Service. My boss has been going off about people going off sick on a Friday or Saturday night. Our union rep not-so-politely told him that the flu doesn't just infect people between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. :roll:
  9. this shit pisses me!

    where i work we get peppered with questions if you call in sick. it does make you feel guilty if and when you need to take a sick day. the last thing one needs is to be scrutinised. management can go fcuk themselves! :p
  10. Heyyyyyy

    That sounds like a FULLY sick day!
  11. heel spur?

    as a boss dude, i HATE it when blokes call in sick. i say "fcuk fcuk fcuk" in my head, and "ok mate, give me a call when you are on the mend" to them.
    it sux to be down dudes, but it sux more when you shit them off to the point that they dont want to come back to work at all.
    bosses need to learn that.
    i am not a good roll model for employees though, i need a broken neck to call in sick....or so my wife says.
    but yeah, ita all about reality and people skills IMO.
  12. Very true Joel, I will not look at my workplace the same again now. Thing is they are nice people, they just have no idea on what REALLY costs money in business (hint, incompetence/poor time management loses a lot more money than sick days!).
    Anyway, I am now armed with a two day sick pass, wil go in tomorrow if I am O.K though, and see how it goes.
    Dr said it was to do with teh muscle group in front of the heel, this group holds the small bones that run towards the toes in place and is used in balancing, so you can imagine the pain it can cause..walking on your toes doesn't work as the front part of teh foot/ toes are still working!
    Gave me pissy Voltaren for it too! LOL! I wanted druggz!
    Oh, and I got my very first ever blood workup today, so THAT might be interesting..... :shock:
    I am normally a pretty healthy person(despite appearances, Dr said I was a different species to him, a Clydesdale :shock: ), which is why I've never had serious tests done on any of my fluids.
    I have been to a doctor maybe four times in my adult life!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. heh, the ol' blood test.
    it is rare that much positive comes from them, for me.
    i have punished my internals with chemicals for some time, so its never a question of 'what's the damage', but 'how much'
    although, last one i got, they mentioned some substance in my alcoho....i mean blood stream that told them i was on the way to getting gout :shock: something to look forward to :?

    i would probably be some form of draught hourse too, size 13 1/2 feet :LOL:
  14. dont worry joel, many people hear much worse such as my sister boyfriend

    'you have a syst in your brain. if you drink a drop of alcohol you could die. '

    and stump

    those new pain killers dont mix with piss. drink and you could die.

    my gp and i had a good laugh about that one

    cheers by the way :wink:

    had an OT come to the new flat to do inspection, the biatch gave me her cold. she knew im doing radio therapy and cant take time off. when i asked if she had a cold she said no. i would have put a mask on her. i cant stand people like that! shes got one leg too so she making a bad name for stumps!
  15. try a course of good solid chemotherapy... same questions.

    cures all sort of ailments...like hair, hearing, eyesight, healthy livers and kindneys and even teeth. :evil:

    sometimes the cure is worse than the disease........but not if the disease is death.

    Different for your drugs i'd say joel but it does seem they make drugs to cure you but royally fcuk you over in the process.
  16. Mate thats crap. If you are sick, then you are sick.

    I am the boss where i work and if my guys are crook, i tell them to stay home cause i dont want it being spread.

    Also thats wrong that you are putting in extra and you get this treatment. Tell the boss to get a life and remind them how they have never had a sick day, yeah right !!
  17. but you do go "fcuk fcuk fcuk" on the inside dont you? or a man down isnt that terminal where you are? i have only ever been the boss where it is essential to have x employees to get the job done, and no pool to select a back-up from.
    if my sprayer driver is sick (and that has happened of course - everyone gets sick) 17 blokes go without a days work.
  18. Yeah inside i think oh shit.. But i am a little bit luckier in that when someones away it can be covered. If a storeman is away i suppose its a bit more difficult, but we cope.

  19. I feel this is "gods will" (i.e a way for stupid people to understand basic things, usually MD's/owers of companies come under this) to show that not having a back up pool is stupid managing for workers *slash* business, strangely enough *business* which is *money* comes from workers doing stuff, you know... humans.. the thing owners + shareholders tend to think is a *thing* that doesn't comprise of humans :roll: *that make sense?* ;)
  20. It's my duty as a public servant not to go to work if I'm sick...or if I'm not sick.