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Shutter under brakes!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gumnut, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just thought I would ask for opinions on the following.... When riding at between 60 - 80k's and then I brake the handle bars shake a bit under brakes... Could this have something to do with the front shocks or would it be more like a warped front disc?


  2. Not being an expert, but I would say it will be a front disc problem.
  3. Someone told me today that if it was a disc problem I would only be getting the shuddering through my front brake lever and not the steering... I dunno! They thought it might have something to do with the shocks as well..
  4. Umm nope if its discs can be felt all the way :shock:
  5. I'm with Grumpyjon on this - I wonder if worn steering head bearings would cause this i.e. when under stress/load whilst braking. Anyone know?
  6. I would say its the head stem, check the tightness of the top nut , could fix problem if even a little loose. The disc will rarely cause shudder, it would more likely be the pads, check for wear and tear, then if all else fails.....suspension.

    what kind of bike is it, how old? seals in the head stem become brittle and let shit in and they wear out the bearings,

    i have had troubles like this in the past on dirt bikes.

    my 2 cents
  7. I know they are only new pads. Someone else reckons front suspension!

  8. is there any play in the head stem, hold front brakes on and rock back forth.
  9. It is a 1993 Kawasaki balius
  10. if there is no play in the head stem when you rock it, is the shudder rythmic, like is the shudder hitting each time the wheel rotates. check by picking front wheel up with a jack and spin it, slightly pull brake lever, you can tell if there is warps cause you will hear it scrape on the pads.

    the last thing you want it to be is the shockers, gets expensivo quickly.